2 new public bases on wastelands.

The attached images are only of the one i built on Altis Airport but there’s another just like it on the salt flats. I built these to serve as safe respawn points for when a mission is spawned on the airfields. One of the more frustrating aspects of wastelands is when you’re in the middle of buying a vehicle or something and a mission spawns on top of you. Makes it rather hard to get back to your body too after you die. Being able to spawn somewhere close and safe will make that a lot easier not to mention the walls will help protect your vehicles too. As you can see in the pictures there’s a tigris there (unlocked, other tanks are locked) 4 Static AT launchers around the back and around the entrance. 4 Static AA launchers on top of each tower. In the dome is an AA and AT convenience kit (ammo box) Containing launchers and 50 each of AT and AA titan rounds. There’s also all the ammo boxes. There’s an ambulance van there too where you can heal to 100% and a vehicle rearm spot as well. Keep a tank or two in there and you can easily peak around the corner and blast all the tanks :slight_smile:. There are no locked doors or anything I intend for them to be used by anyone who wants to.

the two screen shots that didn’t fit on the main post.

Busy bee :slight_smile: Nice, Spuds, pls send me a PM again. You were not on my forum friends list so I culdn’t receive any pms from you!

Well done !! The base on the airport will be very useful against Patrol.

Hi Spud,and all

Ok, i have decided for a few reasons to call it a day on NAk servers for a while,maybe even perm,why i have my reasons,but am not gonna waste my time or your time discussing them or publishing them,as its pointles,but i do want to thank a few people for the great team work and game play, and also Walter,and VileAce for the input and some great communication. :smiley:

Now in this picture you will see 5 bases (i have already gave Riot Corp access to them all,so i will list them here so you know what you have! :!: :arrow:

This was the first major build and is secured “THE MAIN FOB”, the codes for the secure fob, are with Riot,and a few others for access, these are to store equitment ect,and on the left is the secure area, and on the right two heli pads one is set to resupply if needed.There is space for a large hanmger if you desire to put one there for Vehicles.

This is on the salt plain “The outpost”, its a double dome set up with a few towers,and one look out bunker,and is close to the Gun store north east, and the GS store that is 2.4 km from that location, one dome is secured, for equitmetn logistics, and the right is unsecured, this means anyone can enter and get equitment if its there.
Also part of this location is the secure set up near the GS store, its put in place in such a way that if a mission spawns there it can easyly be seen and enganded.

3)This is a single bunker “bunnyhole”, a secure location,due to some missions spawning close buy, its also good to hide from people , we dont want chaos in a peaceful area, its within the tree line, and at the moment has AP mines arround it,(so warning)

  1. is called " bunker hill" amd have a rhino, and a tusk on it lot of AA and AT,set up as some missions to pass it, and that includes airborn missions

  2. This is a single dome, also knowen as ICEDOME,this is fresh and set up and locked down, but not in use, was going to arm with with AA and AT, as a few missios happen close by.

But anyway, i hope this will help with the buiold or with your game play, have fun and enjoy the news