#3 Lythium Server ACE Implementation

I think it would be great idea to add either ACE Basic or Advanced to the Lythium server, as TFAR is running already. A public ACE server would be a good idea for players who are looking for more tactical and cooperative play.

There are a number of us that already play cooperatively on the server, and with the addition of ACE will be greatful. Moreover, this could be a chance to help new players who are interested in joining NAK TAC, but don’t have the knowledge of using ACE. Using basic first would be easier to teach advanced medical.

I just think a public ACE server would be great for those want a more cooperative experience, who want to work in squads.

There are no plans to adding required mods to the Lythium server. Our research shows that when you make players have required mods, through attrition the server eventually dies.

We made an exception with the Lythium and JBAD mods because the Lythium server was in effect replacing Tanoa, and we felt at least by using Lythium players did not need to purchase an Arma DLC.

We do have a mission running on the Zeus server which uses ACE and the other NAK Tac mods, and it has slowly dwindled to where no one is really playing on it.

Have we in the past had a hybrid server such as LukeMetcalf is describing? Custom missions like Malden/Altis/Lythium?

    • Alive

    • ACE Medical Basic

    • Custom Missions

    • HALO

    • Altis, Malden or Lythium Vehicle spawn structure

    • TFAR

I too have some reservations regarding required mods on servers. History shows…