3 mods that are approved on modlist but restricted on servers.

The 3 mods in question here after I narrowed it down from my mod usage is:

  1. Project BJC - PMC Uniform: Steam Community :: Error
  2. Contractor Equipment: Steam Workshop::Contractor Equipment
  3. Private Military Contractor Pack: Steam Workshop::Private Military Contractor Pack
    Anyone have any ideas why? It’s such a shame because I exclusively prefer the PMC look and vibe whenever I played on NAK Servers.
    Hope this get answered soon.
    Many thanks!

if you look down on the posts one under you you’l see i asked this question early in december about other ones and have still been waiting for 2 months now :slight_smile: gave a response but never fixed

from the 3 mods you mentioned, only the following 2 were not fully patched.
@Contractor Equipment
@Private Military Contractor Pack

the mentioned above are fully patched now and will be live on all servers on the next restart times for each server.
please let me know here if it still gives you truble.

Wow, I guess you have to ask when the right person is watching.

Hey Volcano, how about this one, approved since Dec. 20th? I have tried various ways to ask about this, with no response.

also sorry, i have not seen this post for some reason. it is patched now, should be able to play with it after the next server restart