7 days - PikaDERP - First Offence of Teamkilling

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  4. Banned by VileAce, on August 15 at 9:09 PM from server NAK#1 | I&A | Altis for 7 days (On my first offence.)
  5. I will write the explanation in separate paragraphs to ease the viewer’s eye.

There were 3 teamkills that occurred that day. The first incident occured while I was playing as a lone Rifleman AT in a very hostile area (Military base - GRID 14284.51 / 13029.83) and a friendly unit by the name of Costa, who for some reason had no BLUFOR/Friendly Marker on him (Glitch? Spawning as OPFOR?) walked up from a cargo (3 meters from me), and I killed him (In 1.5 seconds after visual contact) thinking I was defending myself from an AI.

The second time I killed him was during another side mission in a village, where he came inside the building I was in (To either communicate with me in direct channel, or to assist me clearing the building) and again, he had no Friendly marker on him and I shot him without hesitation thinking I was in danger. That’s when I noticed he had an American Uniform after turning off my EVGN goggles, and the killfeed said “Error-Authentication was killed by PikaDERP”, and realized I may have killed a friendly.

I was then moved from the main NAK Channel on teamspeak to a different one with an admin (I believe it was Zero? Not too sure since the conversation was short and I wasn’t paying attention on the overlay. Correct me if I’m wrong.) and asked me why the hell Costa was asking him to kick me repeatedly. When asked him what he was talking about, he said I killed the same friendly unit twice. I told the events from my viewpoint, and he asked me to apologize to Costa, to which I did.

2 hours after the first incident I was now flying on the A-164 Wipeout, and was providing Close Air Support to the infantry. During one of my Gatling runs, I fired on a marksman who was close to a location where I had fired on enemy squad earlier (I looked at the killfeed after cleaning that squad earlier, and, crap, it was friendly this time. (I don’t remember if there was an additional friendly near him when I rained fire, but it is possible.) After realizing it, I apologized to the individual (Not Costa this time), decided I had done too much collateral damage and left the server at around 8PM.

I was then banned an hour later while I was offline.

I fully agree that teamkilling due to “Failing to take commonly recognized steps to prevent team killing, such as checking the map or verifying a target outside of thermals, is considered intentional team killing” should be a bannable offence as in my case, but to be banned for 7 days on my FIRST offence goes against what the admins have put in place;

1st Offense: 1-day ban
2nd Offense: 7-day ban.
3rd Offense: Permanent ban.

I’m only asking to review whether or not this is worth a 2nd Offense penalty on my first offence with no prior history of violating the rules on NAK servers.
I thank you for your time. Sorry if it was long.

Edit1: Grammar

Small note of attention: the admin in question was not Cpt. Zero but me.

So I am who you keep calling “Costa.” This is my point of view of what happened yesterday. You killed me three times, twice within 2 minutes in the same town. The first time you killed me I said “Hey dude” in Direct chat, you turned to me and shot me then ran up the tower even after I asked in side chat why you killed me and to please revive me. The second time was in the town you shot me while I was shooting two CSAT guys that were in front of me in the street, if you saw someone killing CSAT people why would you think they are an enemy? I was then revived by a friendly and saw you walk into a house and went in to ask you why you have killed me twice. I walked up the stairs WITH MY GUN DOWN saying why do you keep killing me in direct chat. You then turn around, look at me for a couple of seconds and then shoot me WITH MY GUN DOWN. I did not see you say sorry in chat, I was pretty pissed and walked away from my PC for a bit so sorry I did not see it. Then I saw you obliterate that guy with the A-10 on the west coast and say sorry to him in chat. All three times I was killed by you, I was wearing the default Multicam NATO uniform with the big Multicam vest. At a distance, I could see why through thermal I wouldn’t look like a friendly, but at point-blank, You can identify by the shape of the helmet and vest/uniform who is NATO and who is CSAT.

I am going to lock this topic, so that it does not get out of hand. PikaDERP if you would like to speak about the issue in more detail you can find me in TeamSpeak. Our records indicate that you had 4 TK’s in the 1 hour and 45 minutes that you were on the server. To address your major point of contention,

but to be banned for 7 days on my FIRST offense goes against what the admins have put in place;

1st Offense: 1-day ban
2nd Offense: 7-day ban.
3rd Offense: Permanent ban.

It was not your first offense, it was your fourth offense, I believe in your own statement you admit to 3 offenses. Each time you TK’ed was an offense. The rules also say;

The level of punishment is at the discretion of the Admin and will be based on the severity of the action.

If you break multiple rules your punishment may run consecutively.


Continued violation of any rules may be met with a permanent ban.

So with that said the level of punishment was actually fair, as your actions did constitute a permanent ban.

With all that said, I need to make a couple of points the first one for yourself and other players that may read this. Be aware that the BLUFOR markers only work out to 1000m, if a friendly player is closer than that and does not have a marker, or appears as anything other than friendly on the map, report it to the admins, so we can look into why the player is not reporting correctly, it may be the other player or it may be your player. In most cases, once we identify the player with the issue, as simple restart will fix it. Based on one of the things you said, it may have been that your character was bugged, and all the scripts did not run properly. Second, I was unaware that another admin had already spoken to you. But I do believe that based on the totality of your actions, a ban is appropriate, but I have lowered the ban to one day, not because it was your first offense, but because there was a chance that you were bugged and that the other admin had already spoken to you. The other admin applied his discretion and choose to give you a verbal warning, for the first two offenses.