A collection of mods I'm putting together and maintaining

Hello everyone!

I’ve put together a collection of mods that are on NakSquad’s approved mod list that I am maintaining on Steam. They add a bunch of weapons, uniforms, and quality of life improvements, and I’ve been tweaking it with issues I have in game. Feel free to subscribe to it and use these mods as they will help in pretty much any role!


Let me know if I should make any changes. At the very least this pack should allow you to hear and see a bunch of modded weapons you weren’t able to before.
Edit Log:
Removed claim that the collection was lightweight
Removed Recoil Mod from the collection

New users, please be aware this is not “a fairly lightweight set of mods”. There is nothing wrong with the mods listed, though it is not recommended to load all these mods at one time. Many players strive for the best performance and lowest FPS. Loading this many mods will have a negative effect on performance. Plus there is at least one mod (|JTF| No Sway Lowered Reciol) in the collection that is not needed on NAK Public servers. Our servers have the option to customize Sway and Recoil built into the player menu.

If you would like to see some example “recommended” mod list visit the Admin Profiles. Most of the admins have listed there standard goto mod list.

I guess I wouldn’t know what a fairly lightweight set of mods is, as I do have a fairly powerful PC. I didn’t notice a huge drop in FPS when I loaded these mods, and the only real performance drop I did notice was loading time at the arsenal which was to be expected. I apologize and will remove that claim from my OP.

I will also remove the recoil mod from the collection based on Vile’s feedback. :slight_smile:

Here are my specs so you will know what I’m running this with and you can make a decision based on that on whether to run the collection.

Intel i7 4790k 4.0 GHz (4 cores hyperthreaded)
Asus Branded Nvidia GTX 1060 6GB
DDR3 16GB 1633MHz RAM
Running Arma on a 7.2Gbit/s HDD

Here is my invade and annex immersive mods list. It was based on admins mods usage and their respective rigs. Also it includes immerse and suppress mods end excludes weapon stabilization and hit conformation, and a bit of exotic firearms.

Big compass mod is there to help me read bearing on compass, useful for lower resolutions. It simply makes it double in size when pulled out, putting the compass in natural position for taking bearing from terrain, and bearing numbers are much easier to read.
EDIT: please use the updated file from the post below!

My rig:

Intel(R) Core™ i7-6700HQ CPU @ 2.60GHz 4 cores
12 GB ram
Microsoft Windows 10 (build 17134), 64-bit

I run ARMA in low mid graphic settings for servers game, and mid to high for SP. Im getting around 30-50 fps regular. In MP sometimes I see drops when a lot of units on screen. View distance is 2k global, 1500m units

Now that is lightweight :smiley:

Riot - Please be aware that the Big Compass mod is currently “not allowed”. We are trying to build an accurate list of approved and restricted mods on the servers. In the past, it was vague as to which mods were allowed. To effectively build the list we need players to submit mods they use for inclusion into the list, but without an incentive, most players would not submit their mods.

Our current incentive is to restrict a mod unless it is on the list. The current “rule” states

Any mod not specifically listed as “allowed” is > restricted> .

Anyone using a mod not on the list, and therefore restricted, could be kicked by an automated trigger.

It is strongly recommended that players compare their list of mods to our Allowed and Restricted
list. If they find a mod on their list that is not listed on ours then the player should submit a Mod Request Form

After the form is submitted an Admin reviews the request and forward it to the correct individual for action to be taken. Based on the information in the description of the Big Compass mods, I am confident that it would be added to the approved list.

Other than that, your list of mods would benefit any player trying mods for the first time. They might want to exclude Suppress and Immerse until they have more experience.

Roger, I removed the mod from the list and will fill our proper form. All the other mods I actually chose from our list of restricted and approved mods, this one must have slipped by. Attached is compressed html file without compass mod that can be imported into ARMA Launcher for ease of usage.

If someone needs help with exporting and importing these html files into ARMA 3 launcher, or if there is a general interest, let me know here and I can write up a tutorial for it.

@CaptainYosho Yeah, all I need :slight_smile:
NAK Invade and Anex immersive updated.rar (1.29 KB)