A long look at preparing a Zeus Mission

Hi everyone, Vunkai/Vakshi here.

I’ve made a rather long video on my personal viewpoint in setting up a zeus mission. It is not all inclusive but does contain some sections that we all know how to do, such as AI placement. I’ve segmented the video into different timestamps in case you want to skip over different sections or only want to refer to small segments. I hope there is at least one part in this video that is helpful to everyone, even if that part is different for each person.

In all the video is almost an hour long, and I wasn’t able to demonstrate everything that I wanted too but I got to cover a decent amount of information, from ‘Backwards Design’ to a few specific modules. It is more of a mission theory video and doesn’t address the smaller technical things but brings up big picture ideas, player perspective, and my own personal commentary. In the description of the video you can find the segments and their titles.

The video itself is unlisted for now, I made this for NAK, but anyone with the link can view it.