AA Ranges vs Various Aircraft

Hello all,

Over the past week I’ve been going through vanilla Arma 3’s data files to compile a chart comparing various AA vehicle’s detection range vs various different aircraft, in the hopes that this data may be used to help people make well informed decisions about the threats they face on the battlefield.

This sheet compares all aircraft and their RCS (Radar Cross Section), IR (Infared), and Visual detection values vs that of AA vehicles and the ordinance those vehicles fire. These values are then compared against a Tigris, Nyx AA, R-750/S-750, Centurion, Spartan, and Praetorian (as these are the most common types of AA on NAK). The first 3 graphs are comparisons of RCS, IR, and visual detection values of aircraft vs these different AA threats and the ranges at which they can IDENTIFY their targets. Please note that they can detect you long before this but will only fire once they identify you as an enemy target.

This data will be used on making an informed guide on AA suppression sometime later down the line.

If you have any and all questions feel more than free to ask.

One thing I didn’t see anywhere is that you don’t refrence the R-750 Cronus which can increase the range of other vehicles by using the Data Link. I believe it’s quite important and should be mentioned, other then that, great work!

If you want more information about the Cronus, this should help.

On it I had the area for the R-750 labeled as R-750/S-750 I changed it such that for detection range it used the R-750 and for the ordinance lock range it uses the S-750. I have also added a note that all these vehicles can be data linked so that if you are detected by one you are detected by all within a 16km range of what detected you. Also because of your note I went back and did some testing and found out AI will shoot at you (if their ordnance is in range) when you are detected NOT when you are identified. The chart has been changed to reflect this data.

Perfect! and about the detected/identified, you have to keep in mind that all of the vehicles (If I’m not wrong) are capable of using the data link, which means that only one of those vehicles/aircraft has to identify you, and that is more then enough to send over to the rest of the AA/SAMs around the battlefield, this is why you can for example sometimes get a lock from one side but a rocket coming all the way from the opposite side. Most certainly a Cronus spotted you, and a Tigris fired based on the data link information.

So the only reason why I mentioned this is the fact that you’ll quite often hear complains on TS3 about people saying that nothing/friendly shot them down as they didn’t see the orange “ping” coming from there, just a rocket.

However, about the rest of the vehicles, very useful, specially great for newer pilots. (Really like the fact that you also set out the difference between the Stealth variants aswell.)

As a last note, I recall having a post from VileAce, explaining a way of losing enemy CAP/CAS aircraft which are chasing you, combine these two topics together and you get a great “advanced” introduction into Air-Air combat in Arma!

Found it!