AAF: Hold the Land Bridge

Background Info:
You are a Squad of the AAF and friendly to all OPFOR forces. The AAF is hostile towards all BLUFOR factions.

CSAT will attack the HQ of the NATO Forces located east of the main airfield of Altis. CSAT has tasked AAF to secure the land bridge to the southern peninsula of Altis. On this peninsula NATO has several infantry and armor bases. Those forces will want to reach their HQ to support the fight against CSAT.

Your Mission is to:
• Hinder the NATO forces of the southern peninsula of Altis in crossing the land bridge to the main island.

Available assets:
2x 50cal turrets
1x Mortar position
1x Littlebird
1x Strider
1x Zamak Repair
1x Zamak Ammo
1x Zamak Transport
2x Quad Bike
1x Arsenal Box
1x Speedboat (Minigun)
2x Assault Boat
Option to request CSAT forces to deploy Air assets for assistance