Accepted - Birdman Admin application

  1. Steam ID or Profile Link: 76561198068394607
  2. Age: 24
  3. Hours played on NAK servers.: 570+
  4. Total Arma 3 hours: 1,150
  5. What Is Your Current ArmA 3 Level of Experience: Experienced
  6. Recommendation from existing Admin (if applicable): Crater, Maxwell, Alex, Super
  7. Reason for applying (If your answer to this is anything like “to get rid of trolls” please reconsider your application): To give back to the community I’ve been a part of for a while, and to get more involved.
  8. List any real-world experience or skills that you feel would contribute to the NAK community: Current admin of multiple discord and telegram servers.
  9. Estimated Activity (How active will you be as an Admin.): 15-20 hours per week
  10. Briefly list what you believe is involved in being an Admin on NAK servers: Keeping order and the rules enforced, while helping new players get set on playing Nak Squad servers, and making sure everyone has a good time within the rules.
  11. Provide any other information that might help us decide why you should be an Admin: I’ve been a part of the community for a long time, and I would like to help out.

+1 Great guy knows rules well and everyone enjoys playing along side him, Would make a wonderful addition to the team.

+1. This admin application is submitted on Birdsman behalf due to technical difficulties.

+1. Has been around the community for a long time and is constantly helping new players out.

+1. Activity is good, great player to be around

+1 I think you will be a great admin wish you luck!

+1 from myself, good player.

TEXN here,

+1 for Birdman.


Birdman has been around for a while now. From what I experienced in my time on the Nak Zeus and Altis Servers and on Teamspeak, he is apppreciated by the community and follows and enforces the rules.
I hope you get accepted, so the community gets one more admin to keep the servers alive and people enjoying their time here.

I make Noah’ words my own

Congratulations Crater, application accepted, please check your registered email. You will be demoted to 2nd LT. (lol)

Jokes aside congrats Birdman

:sunglasses: Grats bird!