Accepted - CanadianZulu - Moderator Application

Please answer all questions accurately, honestly and completely.

1. Age:


2. Steam ID or Profile Link:

3. Hours played on NAK servers:

Altis: 1583hrs
Tanoa: 72hrs

4. Total Arma 3 hours:


5. What Is Your Current Arma 3 Level of Experience:

Very well rounded on all flight skills with a strong preference over helicopter piloting, very experienced in JTAC roles as well as armored crew commanding, actively learning zeus mechanics and furthering knowledge with Arma game code.

6. Recommendation from existing Admin or Moderator (if applicable):


7. Reason for applying (if this is anything like “to get rid of trolls” please reconsider):

As I have been with this server for more than a few years now, I have received some of the best support from the staff team here whether it is web based or from in game interactions, I feel I can bring some more true Canadian hospitality to the table all while remaining within the professional standards set by the staff team.

8. List any real-world experience or skills that you feel would contribute to the NAK community:

I currently work in the Canadian armed forces as an armored ncm, part of my job has been utilizing armored cavalry tactics within command posts to conduct proper reconnaissance, I consistently work beside officers and take in quite a lot of their leadership methods and ways of conducting operations.

9. Estimated Activity (how active will you be):

As I am active duty, I can be called away for weeks at a moments notice without that happening I can be online Mon-Friday after 4 pm Est, and weekends I am usually on 4-6hrs at min a day.

10. Briefly list what you believe is involved in being an Moderator on NAK servers:

A mod is essentially that first face of the staff team, a guide or sherpa as you may ensuring players have the best experience and get any low-level help as needed while being professional and patient with people who may have slight or severe language barriers.

11. Provide any other information that might help us decide why you should be a Moderator:

I’ve known a lot of you for what feels like forever, been with this server under a few names and almost always get recognized as “Horseman 6-1” This is by far the best server I’ve been with and the staff team makes it all that much better with what gets done behind the scenes, to be a part of the process and give back to a community that has been there for their people is something I aspire to be a part of.

Thank you for any consideration.

+1 level headed with a good sense of ethics. good working spirit and would fit well in our ranks

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+1 i see no reason not to.

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Congrats and welcome to the team, you’ve been accepted as a moderator. You’ll receive an email shortly with additional steps.