Adding a pilot role into your mission

I’ve seen multiple occasions where this has happened: A Zeus has a mission-ready for the players to play, a guy asks if he can be a pilot, then the Zeus adds a pilot role in the mission where it is not necessary and in my opinion sometimes hurts the mission in terms of fun.

This is a piece of advice to all users wanting to host a Zeus mission, you don’t have to add a pilot role into your Zeus mission just because someone asks to be a pilot. I don’t know why but some people feel like they have to add a pilot role because someone wants to be a pilot in your Zeus mission. My piece of advice is to not do this even if you feel bad that you have to reject the request to the person asking if he can be a pilot. In my opinion, you should only add a pilot role to your mission before you start building so you can add a pilot role in a clean way where it won’t mess with the mission! You can sometimes mess up your mission just by adding a pilot role when you’re 80% done with the mission while building. This is just a piece of advice that I believe is valuable and I hope you guys use it.

!!! (Also, sometimes having an important pilot role is risky for the mission) !!!

Agreed, adding to that the insertion, re-insertion and extraction via chopper, in my very humble opinion, can more often then not be a huge time sink.

If the helicopter is not important to the mission and if it is not done in the correct way it will prob distract the players from the very mission that they want to play.

In my opinion, insertion via heli is great, extraction is great, but re-insertion has to have a really good reason. The players are just chillin’ in a heli for a while during the mission and it separates them from their team. You also have to wait for more players to go down because moving one player back to the AO is just not worth sparing the heli. So that player is waiting at the base for re-insertion, then waiting in the chopper, then running back to the AO after they get dropped off. I understand it’s more “realistic”, though that’s debatable.