Admin Application: Brian O`Connor

  1. Steam ID or Profile Link:


2. Age:


3. Hours played on NAK servers.:

+/- 200hrs going off my TS rank and educated guess based off when I last received a promotion. I’m uncertain of the exact number.

4. Total Arma 3 hours:

+/- 1800hrs

5. What Is Your Current ArmA 3 Level of Experience:

I would say fairly seasoned. I bought and played maybe about 100 hours of arma II right before the release of arma III, then purchased arma III when it was still in alpha (I actually still have alpha passes sitting in my steam inventory :joy:). There is still much I want to learn from arma, for sure backend wise, but front end (gameplay) I would say very seasoned. I spend most of my time in game providing CAS/CAP or heavy lift/personnel transport. Most of my hours played ( apx. 3/4) have been spent in the air, I absolutely love flying in arma! I have however spent a decent amount of time on the ground, both in vehicles and as a ground troop/JTAC (convoy, Zeus/mission and AO situations)

6. Recommendation from existing Admin (if applicable):

N/A at this time. I have had the pleasure to speak with a few of you in the Altis primary where i can mostly be found, but not quite enough to build such a friendship with any of you yet!

7. Reason for applying: (If your answer to this is anything like “to get rid of trolls” please reconsider your application)

The honest to god truth is I love this community! Ive played with NAK for years, back even as a member of a different community. There has just always been a sense of “brotherhood” here at NAK, both from NAK Tac members and general community members that play here, that I haven’t been able to find elsewhere else, including the well known community I was in at the time. Something about It always draws me back here. I’ve been honored with NAK Elite status, but even with that, you can pretty much always find me in the TeamSpeak if I’m in game. There just isn’t anything else like hopping in the teamspeak to find it very populated and just seeing everyone helping everyone to “get it done”! With that being said, I want to give my time back to this community in an elevated way that can mean something in furthering this community. Every admin has always been prompt, cool, collected and willing to go as “for dummies” as it takes for any player. That’s something that I admire here, and would love to be able to give the same level of care (to the extent of what I know) to any person who hops in those help rooms. I want to pick up where those before me have left of and help the leadership carry this community forth for years to come with the pride and dignity shown by the members of Command!

8. List any real world experience or skills that you feel would contribute to the NAK community:

As a current occupation, I work in the AV field. I manage crews of 100+ in the installation, operation and removal of millions of dollars worth of LED walls, sound and lighting equipment, event networking, live broadcasting and much more. I also dabble in web design and have had a hand in the design of 4-5 WordPress websites. I enjoy Photography and Graphic Design on the side. I do a lot of video shooting and editing as well as a little web work for a worldwide Christian ministry part time.

That to say, I know what takes to both work in a team, and to lead a team towards a common goal, even under the stress and pressure of getting a job done with excellence in a short span of time. Both in real life and virtually. Do a job big or small, do it right or not at all!

9. Estimated Activity (How active will you be as an Admin.):

To be completely honest, this would really fluctuate on a weekly basis. I do travel for work but have a gaming laptop I take with me so I can hop in and play in free time while traveling. Roughly 20-40 hours a week I spend in NAK servers. Some weeks more, some less.

10. Briefly list what you believe is involved in being an Admin on NAK servers:

At the end of the day it is an admins job to maintain a safe and friendly environment for whoever may stumble across the NAK community. Beyond that, Each admin will have his/her own responsibilities in the community (be it a web dev or server dev, community relations or social media relations, a “help desk” agent, problem solving, setting up or maintaining servers and all required assets (web or game), granting access or promotions, conflict resolution and problem solving, ect ect. I hope, if accepted, to be able to meld into any role that NAK may ask of me.

11. Provide any other information that might help us decide why you should be an Admin

I’ve been in an admin/leadership role within the “gaming” sphere on and off for quite some time now in communities that primarily play Arma (Arma life as well as co-op) as well as GTA (LCPDFR, LSPDFR, FiveM) I’m a generally easy going guy. I don’t get heated at very many things and am generally a listener and a team player. I’m not afraid to step up and take command of a situation but I’m also humble enough to listen to the thoughts of my team and am always open to other points of view. In fact, I encourage it. The one thing I’ve learned having worked in such diverse fields/led such diverse communities is that it really does take all kinds. We’re all in this together, and at the end of the day, we all succeed, or we all fail Together. I know that this is a winning team of leaders and I am hopeful that I can add my voice and strengths to your resounding NAK cry!

I have been watching your activity in our admin tool and i would suggest you type more in game to other players that may need help. I haven’t been on when you are which this will be helpful to not just me but other admins as well. If you type on the servers we are able to see that and it will be kept as a record on your profile. In saying that if your helping players in Teamspeak or ingame by talking to them at least show/ tell an admin that is on


Thank you for the pointers! I do do my best in the TeamSpeak to answer questions, or even occasionally have someone move down to one of the sub channels to either try to trouble shoot or explain in game mechanics to someone.

That being said, I fully understand what you are saying, and can see what’re a lack of in game text would appear as just being a bystander. I will try to pay closer attention to that and help where I can!

Thanks for all you guys do

You have 245:49 hours on our servers to be precise (at this time of posting).

Monitoring the TS, I would say that I have seen nothing but positive, helpful behaviour. A +1 from me.

Thanks for the update and the kind words! I really appreciate that!

+1 Nice guy!

Thank you for the kind words Moon! I haven’t had the opportunity to play/chat with you as much as some of the others, but it’s always a pleasure when the opportunity comes about!

+1. I haven’t seen any negatives so far.

+1 i see no negatives in his activity or from players

WilliamTesla and Foxx,

Thank you guys both for the support, that means the world!

Application has been accepted. Welcome Brian O’Connor. Congrats ninja. Please contact Rollacanda to set up training.

Thank you all so much for the support! I can’t wait to see what the future holds!

Congrats mate, looking forward to working with you!

Congratulations buddy!

Hey thanks Moon, I appreciate it!


Thanks WilliamTesla! I’m excited to see what the future holds here!