Admin Application: EvoTuXeDo

  1. Steam ID: Steam Community :: EvoTuxedo
  2. Age: 24
  3. NAK Hours: 553.75
  4. Arma 3 Hours: 1,672
  5. Arma 3 Experience: I have a lot of knowledge about the game ranging from controls to armaments, equipment etc. The only area I feel I am lacking in is Zeus, there is still a lot to learn and experiment with in order to master.
  6. Recommendation from Admins: None
  7. Reason for applying: I want to be involved in the expansion and advancement of the NAK community in a more active role rather then passively watching from the sidelines. I love the community and meeting people who have a passion for the military or the simulation or any reason they might be playing Arma. Also being able to welcome new players into the community and showing them the ropes and the in’s and out’s is already fulfilling as a NAK elite but is just more impactful when coming from an admin. I see how much work the other admins are doing and it’s inspiring and just makes me want to work with them.
  8. Real world experience: I served in the Air Force for 4 years so I understand the need for structure and how respect needs to go both ways from the top of the chain down to the bottom in order for things to get done and for everyone to remain happy and feel fairly treated. I am also a father of two young children, so I consider myself fairly patient and able to deal with stress in a productive way. I also have a knack for quick learning, when I joined the Air Force I had no vehicle knowledge but know consider myself a knowledgeable mechanic.
  9. Estimated activity: I’m a stay at home dad, so I am able to get on at any time, however I will be guaranteed to be on between 7 est. until late in the night unless something comes up
  10. List of involvement as an admin: Welcoming new players, improving the community through events and programs like NAK elite and the forums, insuring that every Arma player has the ability to enjoy what NAK has to offer by upholding the guidelines that are set. And of course being a friendly, fun and fair person to play Arma with.
  11. I’m just looking to help the community and be a lasting member of NAK.

+1 good person and know to keep its cool


+1 It’s about time


  • 1

+1 he is a great spotter also

everyone welcome Evo to NAK admin. He will be training soon.

Congrats EvoTuXeDo, For more healthy competition!