Admin application: Riot Corp

**Admin application: Riot Corporation

  1. Steam ID or Profile Link:**
    Matija Bublić
    Steam ID: 76561198883889942
    Link: Steam Community :: Riot_corp

    2. Age: 34 2a. Country: Croatia (CEST)

3. Hours played on NAK servers.: 557 h

4. Total Arma 3 hours: 803 h

5. What Is Your Current ArmA 3 Level of Experience:
Infratry: 4/5
Armoured: 3.5/5
C2: 4/5
Rotary: 4/5
Supports: 3/5
Fixed wing: n/a
Editing (Eden): 2/5
General ARMA knowledge: 3.5/5

6. Recommendation from existing Admin (if applicable): Wave, Walker CJ

7. Reason for applying: I have joined NAK purely by accident. I have bought ARMA 3 on Steam during Christmas, an was excited to get back into one of my favorite games after a long pause. Little did I know what new world that game will open to me.

I quickly joined ARMA servers, letting the game connect me to a random server. I came to NAK Altis Invade and Annex. Lost and green, I experienced what I have never felt before. Active vocal dynamic and vibrant community, but surprisingly friendly and mission focused . Quickly, due to the nature of the gameplay on I&A, I started to notice certain individuals, not only playing, but organizing, focusing, making individuals act as a unit, being more than just players. NAK Elite was doing its duty. Soon I encountered admins as well. I did not have an idea what all these social roles were and what actually NAK was and what it entailed. Having no experience in such big community, I noticed that NAK Command and NAK Elite players are the pillars of this community. Soon, I started to play with those players more and more and started to learn.

Spending more and more time on NAK servers, being vocal as I am (sometimes), I quickly started to make acquaintances and to learn who is who in NAK. I discovered the website and all the other content NAK has to offer and I was amazed by the strength, unity and warmness of NAK members. Being honored by an invitation into NAK Elite and entering NAK Tactical, for the first time online, I really felt home. NAK became my online community, I started to explore it and had been doing it ever since. I love to learn and NAK community loves to teach. Being an educator in real life, I soon wanted to become a teacher as well in NAK community. Then, when I racked some NAK server hours and got to know some of the admins online during my up time, I started to experience admins work unfolding. It peaked my interest, to see all those dedicated people, admining.

To say I know the whole range of activities that admins on NAK do would be a lie, but from what I experienced in NAK, admining entails multitude of task, from keeping NAK standards across NAK servers, web site maintenance, promotion of NAK, events organizations, content creation and community motivation and guidance if needed. More so I noticed that all administrators across the NAK community are of certain character, with strong moral values and dedication to the community, qualities I admire and aspire to in my life. I feel that now I am ready to be trained to take on more responsibilities our community and a natural step up is an admin application in order to grow.

8. List any real world experience or skills that you feel would contribute to the NAK community:
In real life I am a preschool teacher. I studied history and Croatian language. I started working in an elementary school and then moved to preschool. I am a preschool teacher for 10 years now, leading a mixed group of children (2-6yrs old) as a senior educator.

With this experience I am accustomed to multitasking, leading a group and communicating with our users on a daily basis. Having the responsibility of young lives on a daily basis plus having a curriculum to execute, I was trained to be patient, observant, careful and objective in dealing with conflict and daily problems that parents have in raising their children. On the other hand, being a senior educator, I am responsible for training and guiding junior educators in our group, and that gave me experience in dealing with complex daily challenges and resolving conflict among adults and guiding individuals to better themselves.

Having worked in multiple international preschools and schools, I am fluent in English and Croatian language.

I have experience in Photoshop and illustrator work. I also did logos and designs here and there, for friends. I did some text editing in the past (I was a graphical editor of three books) and I wrote a lot. I paint and produce miniatures as a hobby (mostly micro scale dioramas and production of modeling materials for my railway miniaturists friends)

During my history studies, I was working closely with Croatian Homeland War Memorial Center on collecting interviews with veterans and documenting facts and timelines (factography). During that time I have met and befriended many experts in different military fields. Some of them had a club which I eventually became apart of where I collected in field experience (5 years of active training) in various infantry and special operations skills and tactics. Even though this was far from active duty experience, it gave me great insight in operational challenges that wartime environment entails. I was a part of multiple exercises executing various command and control duties. During that time I was also leading a team to document wartime stories and history of the club from its beginnings (historiography).

I own a rather large library of various military manuals and books on various military subjects.

I have no children of my own (yet :slight_smile: ), though I am engaged in a 5 year relationship, so I am trained to listen and to obey and follow orders :slight_smile:

9. Estimated Activity (How active will you be as an Admin.): Due to my fiancees nature of work my availability during a year varies as follows:
Jan to Jun: around 3 hours per day
Jun to Dec: around 1 hour daily (away for summer vacation with limited or no internet for a week or two)
I am active on website and forums basically during the whole day on my cellphone during a week. I am able to respond to questions and requests during that time via text. Concerning TS activity, I am on when on the computer, and I have a TS capability on my mobile if needed. Due to nature of my work I am able to check my phone every hour or so during my breaks between working with kids or them beeing at rest and such.
My weekends in general are reserved for family and friends and I sometimes travel out of the town for a weekends, but I find time for NAK Tac missions when able.

10. Briefly list what you believe is involved in being an Admin on NAK servers:
To lead: To promote NAK standards of the community in a calm and user friendly matter. To maintain moral character and ensure that all users have a quality environment to have fun in NAK community.
To teach: To ensure that new players, our youth so to speak, are taken care of. Since first impression is what sets the tone for any relationship, with new players on NAK server, experience is similar. Thus this admin role for me is one of the most important ones as it makes an environment where new players become regular players on our servers making a community stronger.
To explain and guide: To ensure NAK rules and standards, and admin rules are followed, one of the big parts of admining is dealing with rule enforcement. Standards and knowledge on rules and regulations are of utmost importance for any admin in order to keep excellent NAK standard in the community.
To uphold: In my opinion a good admin is the one that reflect everything NAK stands for, thus must always behave in a professional and calm manner, setting its personal opinions aside.
To learn: Shouldn’t be afraid to ask questions and to learn from his mistakes. Admin should never be lazy to check and double check its facts prior to executing an admin action.
To adapt: Good admin should be able to adapt to specific social situation in respect to specific factors such as players intentions, previous behavior and current attitude.

11. Provide any other information that might help us decide why you should be an Admin:

Due to my living location, I am able to provide any admin roles at the times US players are not on. I am aware that I am mostly active on small thematic NAK servers recently and in order to be an admin I need to get involved more again on our most active server. I am ready to adapt and to change my focuses as per NAK Command guidelines.

I consider NAK my online family. A group of friends I never thought I would make in my lifetime. Such a variety of experiences and interactions I experienced, no matter of the outcome of this application, I feel honored and privileged to know members of NAK community and to be welcomed in this close knit community so openly and with such trust.

If you wish to contact me or talk to me more, please don’t hesitate to poke me on TS when you see me on.

Thank You for considering this application.

Matija Bublić
Riot Corporation

edit: typo correction

Your mature and friendly approach inspires alot of players, including myself. +1

+1 since all are going to be accepted i believe Riot is up for the task. Friendly dude and fun to play with :smiley:

That application was a job application, and a damn good one at that, not an admin application!

On a serious note though, after watching you play and interact with other players over time as well as speaking with you about your application I believe you have what it takes to be an admin in the NAK Community. Good luck on your application! +1

+1 A good responsible and mature player and would be an asset to the community.


My vote may not say alot regarding that I just returned to NAK once more after a large LOA. But I did have the few chances of playing alongside Riot for a few hours and love his teamwork and enforcement of the rules as well as assisting others.

+1 for me fam

Riot Corp meets all NAK Admin requirements or I would not have given him my recommendation.

+1 committed to helping players out even when some of them turn out to be trolling

Away for a week and a half for vacation. Will be back soon!! :stuck_out_tongue:




BlueFalcnActual approves of this message :relieved:



In the 5 months that Riot Corp has been part of the NAK Squad community he has become a NAK Donor, NAK Elite and part of NAK Tac and since we need someone to take care of Wave, Riot Corp has been accepted as a NAK Admin. With your friendly and helpful ways, we are sure you will make a good contribution to the admin team.

Huge congrats Riot! You’ve earned every bit of becoming part of NAK Command (especially the rock formations :joy:) and I look forward to working with you. First task to make sure Wave behaves is a daunting one so I hope you’re ready!

WOWOWOW OH MAN HUGE THANK YOU for encouragement and trust given! This is… wow! So excited to start this new chapter!

Concerning the first task… how to tame such a wild stud :wink:

@Vile: Ready for training on your command!! :smiley: Woohoo!!

I will be sending you a message to you later today with the next steps.

congratulations buddy!