Admin application: Xdxd

  1. Steam Community :: MauriSion
  2. 30 year
  3. 1059 hours
  4. 3452 hours
  5. i consider my experience as advanced
  6. none
  7. i want to help this community in a more active way, and i believe a way to do it, is be an admin! Another thing, i can help with spanish speakers!
  8. first: i’m a bus driver. in my job i must keep the calm in any situation, take control of it and bring solutions to people.
    second: i’m a father, in this situation you need to face the problems with patience a lot of it, to have control in all the time, or kids will eat you alive!
  9. im very active in the servers, i love arma 3 and i will stay playing as much like i’m already do.
  10. A) resolve problems in the servers
    B) be active in the serves and ts3
    C) be comprehensive with all players
    D) make all players be safe in admin presence
  11. i think i can help Nak Squad servers to keep order and peace, with my experience and my activeness. Thank you for the opportunity and for the best server in Arma 3.




+1 See you around

+1, great player, I know him for quite some time already, can’t recall anything bad related with him!

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xdxd your gonna be an admin. congrats

Thank you rollacanda, and thank you all for the support, I will not let you down. You always can count on me

We joined NAK Tac around the same time, now we’re here pretty much on the same day, I’m glad to have you around in this community, I’ve known you enough to know that you won’t need luck.

+1, very active and a good team player

Just as a headsup, xdxd has already been accepted to become an admin. However I am sure he appreciates your kind comment!

Like i said earlyer. Thanks for your suport and i apreciate all the coments! Tx William and Malymkum!