AdminKick Restricted Mod

I was playing NAK Squad I&A Altis on July 2nd normally, with no problems or hitches. Then on July 3rd, it won’t let me connect, giving me a message saying “BattleEye: AdminKick - Restricted Mod - Cheating - Join TeamSpeak” or something close, but I haven’t changed anything from the other day, nothing. I haven’t downloaded any new mods or enabled any other ones, I have an entire mod profile dedicated to the I&A Altis NAK server. When I launched ArmA 3 vanilla with DLC I still got that message. I validated my game cache and that didn’t work either. I’m at a loss and need help.

You have been banned. Please, read the pop up message again. Then follow the instructions listed in that message.

This is the important part: check allowed mods - Join TeamSpeak to discuss By VileAce.