Even though I am cut off from civilisation on a salty hot Adriatic sea, my NAK family is not far from my thoughts and heart! I miss you guys and we should be back in civilisation next weekend (providing weather holds). Here are some snapshots from our most recent campsite. Stay strong and healthy guys and I hope your summer is as sunny and warm as ours <3

Looking good! How often did you flip the kayak :laughing: ? Enjoy the rest of the trip!

the waters look great buddy!! im glad for you

:slight_smile: :slight_smile: we didn’t Filip once! Yet :slight_smile: weather is great and water tame so most of the time we are paddling on oil smooth sea. We did practice turnings :laughing: :laughing: fun times

Thx will do, thinking about u guys! See you on hard land soon :slight_smile:

Finally we are on the side of the island with some internet connectivity, go technology!!

Riot; feet wet :canoe:

That looks like a blast Riot! I’m digging the “NAK” you wrote in the rocks. Way to represent in the middle of nowhere! If we get a new player because of your rock formation I’ll lose it :joy:

Your so dedicated you tried to go hunt down csat irl :joy:

Looks fun! Need to get a NAK vest for the Pup now. :joy:

Haha yeah, imagine a player joining haha.
Where did you hear about us? Just saw the website in pebbles on random beach :laughing: yeah, we represent! :slight_smile:

Yeah, pups life jacket and boat boots didn’t arrive in time unfortunately :slight_smile: she’s ok though, toughing it out, she’s a warrior dog so it’s ok :wink:

Here’s a snapshot of our most recent “supply drop” :laughing:

Csat will NEVER find us :slight_smile: