AI aiming skkills

Most players complain that the AI is too difficult. I do not foresee us making a change anytime soon.

TEXN here,

I would just point out that anecdotal evidence , as well as the time component (i.e., over what period of time, days, weeks, years}, makes a great difference in the result the data. A very small sampling is of no practical value.

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i think raising the AI aiming skills would increase the playerbase, its fun like it is but it is getting boring real quick . it feels like arcade.

may the players stay motivated if it is more challenging.

reg. schlumpf

Good morning,

There is a NAK server entitled “Altis” which you may find more to your liking.

Tanoa is just about perfect with the AI. Vile et al have done a great job balancing it.

Tanoa is Perfect the AI are very smart and they will find you, You Really need to stay on your toes and the Vipers and Snipers through out the AO’s are challenging. I have over 5,617.4 hrs in several game modes and different maps Annex is far more challenging. Tanoa is great for this type of mode.