I have seen recently the AI has been more acurate and more deadly but i dont like it to much i died to quickly and i have the feeling that some troops they incapacitate you and execute you with 2 bullets i dont know if it just me or what but if the dificulty has been increased i will like to go back to how it was before.


The AI have not been changed in over 12 months.

Could have sworn there was a difference in the AI, whether it’s the numbers of the, the vicinity of the spawns in relation to the players, something seems different, but if you say so…

I searched our changelog to be sure of the last change, and my memory was very close. The last time there was a change to any AI was in October of 2019 when we removed some vipers and other groups and replaced them with units from the contact DLC.

Thank you VileAce, its good to know for sure!

CSAT sniper rifles are OP. The Type 115 the Viper squad uses is absurd in the hands of AI. If the marksmen were changed to a DMR with an intermediate cartridge there would be less insta death.

As a self-chosen representative of the AI community I would like to add the following: The players have never failed to complete a ‘main AO’ and can bring a wide variety of (modded) weapons and gear to the battlefield while the AI is limited in their ‘choice’ of weapons.

I guess you (all players that it concerns) need to [insert gender here] up a little bit and work a bit harder/ with more efficiency or accept that there’s AI that manages to defeat you so once in a while.

Pro tip: Just wait for the moment when you learn about how friendly pilots on this server think that they need to save the day and the lack of transportation available.

And here I was hoping someone was asking to increase the AI skill :slight_smile: in terms of getting hit by a sniper round being the end for you, I guess I expect that.

I’d like to see an increase in enemies spawned per AO, if not a skill increase on the Altis server, for me personally at least.

For sure, on defense especially. And I think it’d be better if the red zones lasted a lot longer so that it would make your choices matter more. Like airlifting a tank to the AO has more impact if you have to fight for hours rather than fighting for a few minutes and just respawning and HALO to the new AO.