Airborne Zeus Op issues

I have made a couple of really cool specops missions that used Airborne insertion (regular paradrop or HALO) and there has always been the huge limiting factor of having to stage at an airfield rather than inside the plane. I would really like a mission where we all start in the plane like 40km or somin out so we can give brief in flight. Have everyone set up loadouts beforehand and drop an arsenal with them, or have everything in the plane’s inventory or somehow have arsenal access while seated in the plane. If a zeus wants to work with me on testing some stuff I would be very appreciative. I’ve always hated the process of staging for an op to fly 3 km and jump out of a plane… that or fly in a pattern to make it seem longer… If anyone’s zeused a mission with group HALO insert before, feel free to share info about it in the thread. Fingers crossed we can come up with a night airborne zeus op on NAK!

Arma states that the maximum recomended height is 10000m, otherwise in multiplayer a memory leak can be created, causing a server crash. Other than that you have the issue with players inventory. You would have to give each player a parachute therefore a majority of their loadout is removed. You can have players load all their backpacks into a container, but it is very hard for each player to identify their backpack in the container, so you end up with a lot of time doing lagistics on the ground. We have found that unless the objective is to all about the HALO then a HALO insertion is just a waste of time.