Altis #1 ingame NAK store issue


Just hopped onto Altis #1 for a short stint this afternoon, and went to get a Supply Drop from the NAK store. Last time I was on I had over 1500 NAK points/dollars to spend, my rank was Sgt, and I had a crap-ton of various kills. This afternoon, nada on all fronts. What happened?

Ahhh… Database error.

Also, other players in TS reported massive lag for mission loading, with enemy AI units spawning in and operating l;ong before the actual mission is announced. Very odd.

Submitted also in Bug Reports.

It should be fine, this is an error and for some reasons the game was unable to load your stuff. Just restarting your game should fix it. As long as your saved stats and NAK bucks are there all is fine. If not then a screenshot of the NAK shop would be useful. :slight_smile:

Just getting back to this… Restarting the game as well as my PC that day didn’t seem to do anything useful, so I gave up on it. A visit several days later (and since) proved to be business as usual. Just one of those weird PC issues I guess.