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Why’d the regular Wasp get switched for a second Stealth Wasp?

Well, we already have 3 jets that are used for close Air support (CAS), the shikra and Gryphon as multi role and not enough Combat Air patrol, we want to encourage more pilots to fly in this role. Without CAP the CAS jets are at the mercy of deadly Shikras, Gryhons etc. We will now have, on a busy server a full compliment of roles for players to choose from.

Hope this clears u any confusion.

Though I shed a single man tear when I cant put a HARM on a blackwasp anymore, I get why

But I’m curious about if the double BIM9X pylons can be added to the stealth, CAP becomes handcuffed really quick with the bulldog issue with 6AMRAAMs and only 2ASRAAMS

Toughen up BlueFalcon Angel there is no room for tears here!!! LOL!!!

I hate the blackwasp stealth ordinance. However I am biased toward multi role jets like the shikra and gyphon. I’ve never liked flying either of the blackwasp versions and only do so when I have to.

I agree that the F/A-181 Black Wasp II Stealth doesn’t offer you too many options towards it’s customization, mainly regarding your AA ordinance. When you’re alone, or with almost no one around you 6 AMRAAM D’s are quite useful, and the two BIM-9X’s are enough to deal with a wild To-201 Shikra Stealth that suddenly appeared two clicks away from you.

Though, when it comes to crowded days when almost every single jet is up, several transport helicopters running all around the map and so on, having only two BIM-9X’s is inconvenient, and almost dangerous, as you have to hold your fire untill you get a clear and somewhat “safe” shot, to then realise that out of the two carefully fired AMRAAM D’s only one hit. At first you just hope that nothing happens, but then, after probably 3 minutes you see on the left bottom corner “X got killed by you- Friendly Fire”.

So, while I don’t think that the Stealth variant is a bad choice, I certainly believe that it should be tweaked to compensate it’s lack of Short Range AA.

Yeah, I’m with Tesla on that; it’s the main reason I hate the Stealth Wasp. I had just started carrying six Sidewinders and two AMRAAMs and found it to be a fantastic load out for engaging enemy aircraft.

Could it maybe be switched to a Stealth Shikra and one of each Wasp?

I already tried to talk Vile Into it and was shot down :smiley:

That’s why I suggested the double BIM pylons on each side on the stealth wasp instead of just the single lol, way more likely to happen

Though I would be content with a regular wasp limited to only AA options and HARMs :smirk:

I’ll keep bugging Vile until he breaks and gives in :laughing:

The decision to remove the Black Wasp was intentional to limit CAS and mixed-use planes and to encourage players to play the CAP role (as Lorenzo said). Changing the pylon configuration of any plane is not scheduled and I do not see it happening any time soon.

I’ll keep bugging Vile until he breaks and gives in

REAPER, the decision to remove the Black Wasp was proposed by 3 admins, not me, and discussed in the Server Change Discussion forum (for admins). The discussion was open for 3 weeks for comments, I did not see any comments from you at the time.

I once again believe that it was a proper choice, but, I do believe that we should get a better replacement for that Black Wasp II, the Stealth To-201 Shikra could be a proper replacement, in my opinion. It is restricted to carrying only four long-range AA missiles at a time internally.

Posted in the admin meeting forum
“No, but I agree make black wasps aa only. It’s mostly a pilot experience problem. I highly suggest leaving shikra as multi role and gryphon.

i also disagree with Rolla to add more enemy aa jets. maybe instead of adding another aa black wasp we add the stealth shikra as only aa loadout.”

More enemy AA jets won’t help, it will mess up the existing system even further, with the randomly spawned AA jets it is already enough of a hussle to keep some transport flying. I myself have to dodge at least a couple of Fox three’s to get to my LZ before friendly CAP is able to intercept whatever spawned, despite the lack of any radio towers.

So I do agree with @REAPER6 in his suggestion about adding the Stealth Shikra, as it’s the perfect CAP.

This topic is now convoluted, players are misconstruing comments from another topic not available to them.

I am locking this topic. There are no changes planned for the existing configuration. We will monitor the situation and make changes as needed.

REAPER this issue was closed on the 8th, the meeting was on the 14th. The issue discussed in the admin meeting was in regard to another change. See admin chat for a link to the original topic.