So I’ve been getting mixed signals from admins regarding the ammo hemtt and mortars. Most say that the hemtt can’t be parked right next to the tube for infinite ammo, only nearby for occasional rearms. Crater meanwhile says it can’t be used for any of that; and that kind of seems like a unilateral ruling/interpolation on his part from where I sit.

I think the admins need to hash this out amongst themselves on what the exact ruling is, because I’m not going to tell them how to go about their duties.

Due to certain past events and miscommunications the issue has apparently remained when it should not have. It has been cleared up and fixed now. Thanks for bringing it up to us and apologies for all the confusion to everyone involved.

Glad to have helped, but which version is it? Parked nearby or not at all?

Apologies i forgot to explain this part. You may have one staged nearby, however the person who brings it is also responsible for bringing it back or moving it along. You cannot simply abandon a vehicle as it is wasting server assets. Let’s say a pilot delivers a HEMTT for resupply, that pilot is responsible for bringing it back to base after use. Let’s say you tow a vehicle with your HEMTT, you are responsible for both of them so it is probably best to order a vehicle resupply from a pilot. Naturally, you may not use the HEMTT in such a way that you can shoot infinitely into the AO and should keep it at a distance that forces you to move back and forth. The only exception to the unlimited ammunition with a ammo HEMTT or bobcat is for the Anti-Air duty at AA Hill.

In any case, the rule in question will be updated on the website as it has not properly been ported for some reasons so again thanks for bringing this up to our attention.

Allow for 24h-48h for the update on the website. Hope this clears up the issue. :slight_smile:

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Much appreciated.