An effort to bring PvP back to NAKSQUAD

So first of all i think everyone who has taken part in pvp Zeus ops in the past know that we are first and foremost a PvE community with preferences heavily leaning on Cooperation AKA player vs AI rather than player vs player in any shape or form.

That said NAK does have a small group of competitive and pvp enthusiasts and the work to bring those kind of ops back to a limited extent has been both difficult and slow. Having our priorities straight as a community is critical after all. Understand that there is also a very large chunk of the community who simply wants nothing to do with PvP.

Now some people already know about competitive PvE where two different factions of players work together although indirectly against each other to see who can achieve X objective the fastest or the better. The idea of pvp has always been controversial because if left unchecked it can create rifts between people, be it legitimate dislike between two persons or something merely born out of competitiveness. This problem is a persistent one that may not have any solution to it other than having staff making sure that every member of the community taking part in these competitive activities understands that they are ultimately playing with friends and that the nature of these activities is only to offer a different kind of challenge to those who may enjoy a more unpredictable fight that only a player may offer.

With all that out of the way, it’s time to get back to the current subject: PvP missions.
There were too many flaws in the rules and the execution of the PvP missions to mention all of them but past experience has been somewhat of a “ok” or “meh” with PvP missions. Therefore i have decided to try a different approach to the problem and would like for you PvP guys to let me know your thoughts on this concept.

Many of the rules and restrictions would still need to be refined and/or figured out but here i will use one specific example with one specific map to give you an idea:
In this example both teams (red team AKA McDonalds gang and blue team AKA Taco Bell gang) are only using minimal gear and weapons arsenal as dictated by both the Zeus and the scenario setting. The map is also limited to a very clearly defined specific area. NOTE: in this concept, fast-paced close quarter combat is expected and for the sake of simplicity the pictures will feature limited arsenals (SMGs) where as in an actual game certain types of shotguns and other weaponry may be allowed.

Obviously the area would feature many covers of many forms; cars and random stuff such as furnitures and whatnot.
Let me know your thoughts :slight_smile: