Antistasi Plus - CTI

Hello there,

This post is made to announce that the server is reset and is now public and the progress will be kept.
[NAK]NAKSQUAD.NET | NAK #5 | Antistasi
IP and Port -

The server will be open starting today at noon EST ( around 6 PM CET )

For those who do not know what Antistasi is, you can learn about it on youtube or on their website and forums.

Basically, it is a mission where you start with almost nothing and your goal is to take over the Altis.
The progress will be saved and will continue every from where we left when the server is restarted.
The mission also has a complex system that handles money, manpower, war level, Garages, and more. So it might take you a bit to learn it all.

The required ( and only allowed ) mods are also found in the TFAR Antistasi Channel description in TeamSpeak.
As well as the Server password.

If you have questions, please write them here.

It is now switched from RHS to CUP, to help players who do not have enough space to only download CUP and can play on Zeus and Antistasi.
All NAKSQUAD Rules apply.
Anyone found to be messing around with the aim of trolling and not playing the game as intended can be kicked or banned.

I love the new server idea, but there are a few comments, questions, and concerns.

  1. Rules need to be established that pertain to the server itself. ‘All NAK rules apply’ is vague and doesn’t help players to understand the direction you are trying to push the culture of that particular server. Players may be confused. Should they follow rules from Invade and Annex? If so then lonewolfing doesn’t apply. Or is it strictly organized like Zeus? These are simple questions, but help to establish the culture of the server. When you develop a proper rule set, it will be important to consider how you want to affect the culture of NAK, how this new server will sit in the current atmosphere of NAK (will it be a nice in between of I&A and Zeus or will it lean more towards another), as well as the original intention of the gamemode (antistasi is a guerilla conflict and organizing platoons of men probably isn’t what reflects the best for the gamemode; remember players are probably joining this server because they want something different from NAKs other servers).

I am not in favor of any particular ruleset, but I personally will try to push the limits of the rules because tests allow people to learn and learning sooner rather than later in a friendly environment with a person you know is better than a random player joining and ruining the fun for everyone should this gamemode have a full launch.

2) Also, a tie in to concern 1, ‘players found messing around and not playing as intended’ is very open ended. Again no aim was laid out for the direction of the server. No intention was relayed as to what you want the server to focus on or be like. If a player gets bored after playing on the server for several hours, they will likely start to mess around. Laying out the intention of the server will firstly, keep players focused on the objective at hand and 2) actually create a rule set that isn’t vague and players can follow without fear of going outside the allowed bounds.

3) A better garage system could be established, but why and how?
a) At current any player can take out any vehicle unless locked by whomever. A player who works to capture and recover an enemy APC, tank, IFV or aircraft could have this vehicle taken by any random person without prior permission or knowledge. I agree that as a guerrilla force the vehicles of the entire group should belong to the entire group, but when other players pull more weight than others and are able to commandeer invaluable vehicles only for them to be wasted in a single stroke, can seem disheartening and players can lose motivation to actually pull off great feats. This system needs reworked, but how?
b) Edit who can take out vehicles. Maybe only the commander and team leader roles should be able to withdraw vehicles. Maybe individual soldiers should have their own personal garage while the entire group has a separate garage only accessible by these people. If so, we’d need to lay out rules regarding shuffling vehicles or stealing them from one garage and putting them into another. Maybe some vehicles types should be limited to who can withdraw them, with the commander being the only one capable of withdrawing jets, large helicopters, or tanks.

Again, these are just a few concerns, but overall I love the new game mode. It’s a nice dynamic and balancing the heat of the situation with the progress of the campaign can be interesting to play around.

Random thoughts that don’t necessarily pertain to the above or specific events… but might! :slight_smile: The usual “I am not an admin and these thoughts are my own” apply.

I feel that NAK rules are never intended to be rigid and are always vague and open to interpretation. If you think you’re riding the line, you’re probably over it. If you think you need to ask, you probably already know the answer. And if you’re being told to stop, it probably doesn’t matter why.

We’re here to do this together, no matter how “together” is defined, it’s to have fun as a group. Trying to work around the rules, or reasons, or justifications or requests or demands to stop only results in conflict and strife and the opposite. This includes pushing the limits of any of the above.

Now… all of that? It’s all opinion… of everyone involved from all angles. And everyone should at least be considering how their actions and decisions appear to others, since we’re here to do this together. If not? Why continue? Is it just to irritate? Or just don’t care how it makes your friends feel? Or are we not all supposed to even try to be friends?

We can all do better here. Everyone.

Second, less serious note: Garage “rules”. Individuals can already lock their personal favorite vehicle they worked hard for, and it would be really nice to ask the current commander if that’s okay, but I think we need a soft agreement between commanders, who can unlock anything if the need arises, that they won’t just snatch “personal” vehicles without a reason. Don’t need any approval, just let them know why you’re doing it and that’s that. Again, my opinion, not a rule.

Third, lonewolfing isn’t really a thing here… but running around creating chaos for the faction is a problem. The commander can certainly let people solo any objective or task, but when they say stop, they’re the boss. Messing up our aggression status, launching stuff from base, etc is going to cause unwanted trouble that most commanders won’t appreciate. Ask first at the very least. Present your plan. “I’d like to take my Hemtt and follow the other teams around grabbing tires for my tire collection.” probably will be met with a counter proposal “how about you bring the whole vehicle back instead”.

Let’s keep this fun for everyone for as long as it lasts folks.

Now… about those tires…