Any plans to host an event for Extra Life?

This is more directed towards the admins than anyone else, but I was just curious if the server is planning on hosting any type of event or something for the charity called Extra Life which works with Children’s Miracle Foundation. They are hosting their national 24 hour gaming event on November 2nd where people host 24 hours streams and events in order to raise money.

My university’s gaming club is doing it and I was planning on playing on NAK during that time. Is the server planning on doing anything special?

I am at this moment not aware of any requests from players or efforts on NAK Squad’s side to raise awareness for Extra Life.

If you wish to play on NAK during that time, you are more than welcome to do so! Please be advised, the rules do still apply, including the no recording rule on teamspeak (this is due to american laws in which Teamspeak is seen as a communication device. Recording other without their consent is a criminal offense in certain states, and due to the possible legal implications banned for that reason on our servers.).

If I am not mistaken, players usually have a alotted timeslot in these 24 hour streams, or will you be streaming on your own for 24 hours? If so, let people know when you start and on what server. There might be ARMA players from around the world interested to help you out (play alongside you/from a squad) or contribute in other ways! Best of luck!