Anyone else have problems with "DUI - Squad Radar" mod on NAK Servers?

Hello all,

As you may or may not know the ShackTac UI mod has been discontinued as of last month. The mod suggested trying out the “DUI - Squad Radar” mod which has more functionality than the only ShackTac UI along with far more customization options. So I downloaded it and after spending a lot of time in the editor changing settings for how I’d best like it. I noticed that when I went onto the NAK servers all the settings I had previously set up broke. Compass does not show on bottom, names of teammates don’t show up on the bottom of hud, cant adds someone as a buddy along with others. I tried editing settings in CBA and nothing seemed to change.

I wanted to know if anyone else is having this issue before I submit a bug report. This is to make sure that I am not simply doing something incorrectly, and that a bug does in fact exist.

Anyone else having this type of problem with this mod?
Link to mod: Steam Workshop::DUI - Squad Radar

The setting may be server-based. Try to configure the mod while on the server and see if the settings stay. I will look at it when I have the time. If another admin would like to look into it and report back that would be fine.

I just tried editing settings individually on the server and that didn’t seem to fix/ change anything. Keep me updated if you find out anything!

Do you still need me to submit a full bug report?

TEXN here,

Of course you should, Cody. Do your duty. ;D

Couple buddies and I have the same problem as you do Cody, exactly. Any attempt to set it up was returned to default when the game started, in game set up didn’t work either.
I have run both STUI and DUI together, seemed like a hybrid functionality. I could assign a buddy, but it took specific mouse placement, when both standing still, and very glitchy/rough on the attempt.

At first look, this is not a bug with NAK Servers, it is a “bug” with DUI - Squad Radar. When I loaded only the mod and CBA_A3. I got no squad radar at all, it was calling settings from ShackTac and causing a conflict. I will try to spend a few minutes looking for a fix, but I recommend submitting the report to DUI - Squad Radar.

Trying to come up with a workaround and I continue to have problems with DUI - Squad Radar. If I hard code the setting on the server the mod works as expected but running it client-side only causes many issues. Sometimes the heading and units show up but no radar even though the radar setting is enabled. Many of the changes to font or distance never take effect.

I will invest a few more minutes, but I would say the mod has some issues.

CodyHawkCaster can you export your DUI Squad Radar settings and attach them to a post here.

Configure > Addon Options > Export - Copy the results to a text file and save the file, then attach it here.

I am still getting very inconsistent results from DUI - Squad Radar.

I presume you want my settings when Im on the server?

Either way, the settings are set on the client.

Here you go, this is what I have as client settings on the server (Altis).
DUIMain.txt (3.98 KB)
DUINametags.txt (3.98 KB)
DUI indicators.txt (3.98 KB)
DUI Radar.txt (3.98 KB)

Here are the steps that I took to try to resolve the issue with DUI - Squad radar. None of the steps resolved issues I was having, which include changes not taking effect and in most cases the radar not showing at all.

All these recorded runs were done with DUI Squad Radar and CBA_A3 only.
run 1: Created a new profile with no client variables set - seemed to work the radar showed, but changing the settings had no effect
run 2: No changes - Radar and namelist disappeared, but icons and bearing showed.
run 3: hosted a dedicated server using another mission and used profile from run 1 - Same results as run 2
run 4: hosted a dedicated server using with DUI Squad Radar settings on the server - worked as expected
run 5: Created another new profile with no client variables set - Same results as run 2
run 6: Created another new profile - imported CodyHawkCaster’s settings - Same results as run 2
run 7: hosted a dedicated server using another mission - Same Profile as run 5 - Confirmed CodyHawkCaster’s settings - Same results as run 2

I can not get this mod to work as expected under any conditions when using the mod 100% client side. It does work local server or local single player or on a server with the settings on the server.

Another strange issue, when I adjust my DUI Squad radar settings while on the server it forces my display settings to change to Windowed mode, where I normally run Fullscreen Windowed.

There is something definitely wrong, but it is not isolated to our servers and I am hesitant to set the settings on the server itself. We have always taken the stance that any mods need to be 100% client-side only. Adding server-side settings to make this mod work would go against that and may set a bad precedence for the future.

I have now done all I can.

So what info from testing should I send to the mod creators to report this bug?

I think the big issue is I can not get the mod to work without the CBA_settings on the server. With the CBA setting 100% client side and not set on the server at all the mod gives very unpredictable results, i.e. The compass graphic does not show, the names list does not show, changes to font and spacing do not take effect. If the server has a cba_settings file or I run the mod local SP/MP it works fine.

Thanks for the effort Vile, little wonder I had no success :wink: