Anyone have?

Has anyone played Heliborne? Heliborne Collection on Steam. Any opinions?

Yes, we did a stream and had some keys to give away with them about a year and a half back. Decent game but needs more players.

hm, haven’t seen it yet, but at a fist glance sounds like Warthunder type mmo. One review even compares it to it if I’m not mistaken. It all depends on the flight model in my opinion. I played Warthunder on and off for 2 years before coming back to arma, and flown choppers there. It was fun but hard due to the warthunder battle system (still is). Model “felt right” some degree and control easier and more arcaidish than in ARMA standard model. (I played with keyboard and my hotas, but keyboard controls felt more suited for that kind of a game, which should be the case in this game as well)

I presume it might get repetative over time. By looking at some youtube videos on it ( ) it seems like there is no cocpit view (a problem for me) and by seeing how helicopters handle, it does not seems like the feel is there. Also, vehicle ulnocking by expirience took A LOT of my time in WT, and I believe it is the case here as well. So If you like flying only a particular vehicles (like me) then it might get frustrating plowing through all other vehicles to unlock the ones you would really enjoy flying.

So I guess if you are looking for realistic or semi realistic helicopter flight game, I would pass it. If looking for a game to relax and jump in and wreck stuff in a arcade type flight similar to Warthunder, and like the helicopter theme, this could be a better choice than some other titles containing helis.

Hope that helps.

It’s third person only so one strike already. However, the graphics look pretty good and I like pretty graphics. Too bad my SSD is full of Arma and X-Plane so I can’t do it now. Already retired FSX due to lack of drive space.
Thanks for directing my attention to Heliborne.

Is there any other heli sim outside of ARMA? Seriously. I have been flight -simming since the days of the Microprose wire-frame flight sim on the Commodore 64. I don’t fly the jets (have always felt the attention to systems and displays took too much away from the flying experience itself) , so I can’t comment, but the standard heli flight model in ARMA, using a CH 568 CombatStick with one trim channel modified as a throttle, rudder pedals, and Track-IR, in my book represents the best all-around flight sim experience I have had as a gamer. The flight model just “feels right.” The sense of immersion is there, and there is just enough complexity to be challenging, while not stepping on the in-game experience, which - in the heat of battle - can consume a lot of a pilot’s attention in areas other than the piloting itself. I suppose one must concede that ARMA is not really a “sim” - in the sense that you are not getting into a 767 and throwing switches for ten minutes before even being able to taxi out. But as a flight sim buried within a multiplayer (or even single-player just within the editor) experience, it just doesn’t get much better.

Then there’s the map. ARMA has lots of faults, but the map is not one of them. The sheer magnitude and detail of it from the low-n-slow heli pilot’s perspective is unmatched in my book. I jumped onto Take on Helicopters when it went on sale a while back, thinking it might be like ARMA. I flew around for ten minutes and never returned to it again. The map…the map just plain sucked. It’s not really billed as such…and I would like to hear the opinions of the jet Rockies who can compare ARMA to other jet sims that have appeared over the years…but I think ARMA is right up at the top of the list of all-time-great flight sims - in the sense that it just feels like you’re really flying. This is from the perspective of a 30-year private pilot who has built and flown two Experimental aircraft.

biggest issues ive had finding sims, especially flight sims is that the combat end of things is never there. you can either find arcade like controls but you can fire weapons or you get sim controls and views but no weapons… There is “Lockon” but thats quite old, idk if anyone even still plays it. Once upon a time someone took lockon flaming cliffs and “married” it to another flight game and that was as close as i ever saw anyone come. it was even more technical than FSX was. Almost required you to have a flight stick and head tracking software/hardware.

The is one game on my list to look at “DCS World” on Steam, the base game is free so at least you can see if it is something that meets any of your requirements. It is a very well liked game. The addon are as expensive or more expensive than most full games, but I guess this is the trade off of being able to try the “full” game for free.

Next on my list to look at is ACE COMBAT 7: SKIES UNKNOWN. You will have to make the decision if it is to much of an arcade game.

One last game on my wishlist is not out yet but it looks greta is Project Wingman

Apparently lock on and dcs are together

Ok I see it like this:

DCS World. It is a proper sim. Prepare to drown your self in flying procedures, manuals and a like. When I flown DCS Flaming cliffs 2 in A-10 it took us good 20 minutest to fly from cold start. Procedures to the core. Be ready to drown time in it.

Ace Combat… Dunno, didnt play it, but from what I can tell reeealy archadish (Looking at the youtube of it- REEEALY archadish). Could be fun though, it depends what you want to experience and how they packaged it.

project wingman- Didnt play it BUT by youtube and some interesting read, the game is a spiritual successor to Ace combat and also warthunder or World of plaes type of feel.

For archaidish fixed wing flights: (if you dont care about switches, buttons, procedures and realism)
civilian: Take on helicopters, heliborne
military: warthunder

For mix of realism and archaidish elements (simplified flight models, damage reduction, no proper procedures and controls are limited)
(If you want to hop in to fly but still want to feel a bit of realistic touch )

Civilian: rotary: Search and Rescue: Coastal heroes, FSX (simplified model)

Fixed wing: A-10 Cuba, ARMA 3

For full sim experience: (All you want to do is learn procedures, press buttons and talk to ATC- all at the same time. You crash if you don’t do things proper)
Civilian: rotary: FSX, FSX, FSX
fIxed wing: FSX, FSX, FSX

Fixed wing:
DCS Flaming cliffs 2
F/A-18 SuperHornet (Microprose and and DC simulations one i believe they were called, i need to check my old xp machine for that one)
FA-18 Korea (and all is sucsessors)
Legendary Falcon 3.0

Enemy Engaged Comanche vs. Hokum
Janes Longbow
FSX (Blackhawk Uh-60, and some other very good helo models)
DCS: whatsitsname Ka-50 Kamov if Im not mistaken

That is my experience so far. I played a bit more, but these are main sims I used and abused :slight_smile:
Those titles cover those areas imo. Please add according to your experiences
(All of these were played with joystick and late with HOTAS, no pedals. For DCS Flaming cliffs 2 and fsx flying I used head tracking software (balkan Track Ir))