AO on AA hill

I think the main mission on top of AA hill needs to be heavily adjusted or just removed. There are constantly enemy jets flying over the airfield, half a dozen anti air vehicles camping anyone that tries to take off, and the Cheetah, which may be the only defense we have against enemy jets, probably can’t do anything. Is there a reason this is the case? is it to force pilots to play differently? The only way I could see is getting the black wasps from the carrier so they actually have enough time to climb to a safe altitude before getting obliterated.

I do what to make it seem like I am not understanding of your feedback, but why do you believe that aircraft should be able to take off 100% of the time without risk. There are 3, maybe 4, missions out of about 70 where the main airport is directly at risk. The rest of the time aircraft can take off with impunity.

The reason for the missions near the airport is, if we exclude a 3 km area near the infantry spawn, the main airport and the land area near the carrier, that would greatly reduce the locations for missions. We felt that the pilots were good enough to handle the missions near the airport. Just be patient and let the ground forces do some of the work.

I don’t think there should be 0 risk, but what seems like a 0% chance of even going around the AO to an old mission area without getting shot down seems unfair. Maybe there could be alternate take off locations? Maybe implement the same projectile despawning over bases for enemies that players have? That would at least give pilots time to control the situation, maybe fly in a safer direction, and solve the problem of getting repeatedly strafed at base by a neophron that we can’t even shoot down.

There are so many ways to work around that AO. Pilots don’t need to “control” any situation, if you ask me its more unfair when pilots come and blow up everything leaving the ground to clean up the scraps. This is one of those missions where players can literally spawn in at rewards and run right into battle, instead of waiting for a ride or halo dropping in to get setup. In addition to this their actions have more of an impact since many players are dependent on that mission being completed, so it can also give ground troops a greater sense of involvement.

Taking off from the carrier should be sufficient enough if you do need that safe space to take off. Anecdotally, I have taken off from rewards on that AO mission and managed to reposition myself on the offensive. Even without any aircraft, players can shoot down any aircraft if they properly equip themselves. Its a challenging mission for sure, but that’s half the fun of completing it. Personally, I find it exciting how everyone is so close and the action is right beside the spawn points.