Approved - Application for Position of Admin

  1. Steam ID or Profile Link:
    A: 76561198082904374

  2. Age:
    A: 21+

  3. Hours played on NAK servers.:
    A: 661

  4. Total Arma 3 hours:
    A: 12,604

  5. What Is Your Current ArmA 3 Level of Experience:
    A: 6 (Not sure how this is determined)
    B: Realistically, I have been playing ArmA since ArmA 1, including ArmA 2; ArmA 2: Operation Arrowhead and ArmA 3 (all versions).

  6. Recommendation from existing Admin:
    A: I did not go and ask any Admin for a recommendation so as not to put anyone on the spot, so I guess this is TBD.

  7. Reason for applying:
    A: I enjoy being part of the NAK Server Group very much and have looked at ways that I can help out where needed, besides that of just being a Donor. I have a lifetime of experience in dealing with the Public (the good; the bad and the very, very bad) and I feel that I may, once again, be able put to good use the administrative and leadership skills that I learned; earned and drew on over a lifetime of federal service.

  8. List any real world experience or skills that you feel would contribute to the NAK community:
    A: U.S. Military: 2d Battalion, 325th Infantry: 3 Years active duty; Plus 6 Years Army Reserves (Military Intelligence Readiness Command).
    B: Civilian Life: Federal Agency Upper Level SOG 6 Unit Leader (see 11. below for info on SOG).
    C: A group of us buddy’s owned/operated ArmA 1; 2 and 3 Servers for a number of years, (we used this to de-compress after long assignemnt’s) so I am familiar with the front and back side of server administration. Also, I have “edited” (Eden Editor) score’s of ArmA Mission Maps; added/removed scripts; built large Military Complex’s, etc., etc.

  9. Estimated Activity (How active will you be as an Admin.):
    A: Currently, I am active on the NAK Squad TS3 Server and one of the 4 NAK Squad Arma 3 Server’s every day for a number of hours. I see no reason why that activity should diminish at this time.

  10. Briefly list what you believe is involved in being an Admin on NAK servers:
    A: I have watched with interest the coming’s and going’s; help; advise and when needed the Administrative Action taken when player’s (NAK or Guest) refuse to conduct themselve’s within the boundries of the Rules and Regulations of this Server, and I am totally convinced that of all the ArmA Server’s that I have visited, (and that’s a bunch) that NAK Squad has the fairest Administrative Personnel of them all.

The reason for this? NAK Squad Admins follow the NAK Squad Rules and Regulations themselves, not placing their position as Admin above the NAK Player or Guest; therefore allowing, with a free conscience, the administration of the Rules and Regulation upon everyone equally.

Besides monitoring and assisting with every-day-issues concerning Player’s activities’, I believe that NAK Admins should assist with [whatever] skill’s they have at their disposal, the upper-echelon Officer’s to relieve some of the administrative duties they bare so the work load is more evenly distributed.

  1. Provide any other information that might help us decide why you should be an Admin:
    A: In private life, I retired from a certain Federal agency after 30 years of service. There I was a Team Leader of a SOG Unit (Special Operations Group - 6 Man Team). For 25 of those years I travelled all over the continental USA (been in every State of the lower 48 one or more times) and the Calgary/Edmonton Regions of Alberta, Canada on assigment.

B: Also, as a secondary specialty with this agency, I was a (FLETC) Certified Firing Range Officer for 10 Years and a Master Range Officer for 5 years; and as part of those [part-time duties], when so assigned (TDY), I oversaw the operations of qualifying Regional Teams in their mandatory quarterly firearms qualification.

Addendum: When I returned from active duty, I married my High School Sweetheart and we have been together since (31 years); so I am experienced at taking-orders too. :slight_smile:


I am going to make an executive decision, and approve the application.

Everyone welcome Walker CJ as NAK Squads newest admin. Walker has been part of the NAK community for more than a year, and has been actively involved with NAK Tac, and is a member of NAK Donor and NAK Elite.

Walkers calm and mature demeanor will be a benefit to NAK Command.

That was lightning fast! Congratulations Walker!! I didn’t have the time to give you a +1 as you got accepted before I could even see the post! But trust me, it would have been a vouch from me!!

Congrats Walker.

nice. welcome ninja

Congrats Walker

+1… LOL! Congrats Mr. Walker.

Sweet! Welcome aboard good sir! Welcome to the family!


WOW!!! Mr. Walker Welcome aboard!!! you would have gotten a +10000 from me sir!!