Approved - Bandit [Angel 1] Admin Application

  1. Steam ID or Profile Link: Steam Community :: Error

  2. Age: 30

  3. Hours played on NAK servers: 180+

  4. Total Arma 3 hours: 1667

  5. What Is Your Current ArmA 3 Level of Experience: Experienced

  6. Recommendation from existing Admin (if applicable): G0lden

  7. Reason for applying: Continue to build a strong community for NAK and make others feel welcome. I enjoy teaching new players tips & tricks as well as learning from them as well. I would like to set an atmosphere to have others feel that they are being treated fairly, like family, and instill the feeling that they can’t wait to come back and play again. Seeing players who continually visit the server is one of my priorities.

  8. List any real world experience or skills that you feel would contribute to the NAK community: 9 years military experience with many leadership and followership roles. Prior admin on NAK and would like to get back into this role.

  9. Estimated Activity (How active will you be as an Admin.): I like to have a balanced life between gaming and my spending time with my family so the honest answer is whenever I have time. That at minimum would be two nights a week.

  10. Briefly list what you believe is involved in being an Admin on NAK servers: Being attentive to players needs whether it be teaching a new player the basics, keeping a calm atmosphere if players have an altercation, enforcing rules fairly, reporting bugs and being involved on what the community has to say to constantly improve the servers. The scope of an admin’s responsibilities are not just in game but also fall into teamspeak, being involved on the website, forum, and NAK events. Following tasks given by other admins and would like to see an even workload between the admins.

  11. Provide any other information that might help us decide why you should be an Admin: Long time player with no incidents. I strive to help others and would like to continue to grow a positive, fair and friendly atmosphere for new and existing players.

+1 In my experience with him in NAK Tac, the I&A servers and in TeamSpeak, Bandit Angel 1 is very mature, friendly and helpful towards the admins, new players, NAK Elite and NAK Tac members. He has been a positive influence in the community and I’ve noticed that he is usually quick to answer any question or solve any problem should they arise, especially with the new players. Would make a fine addition to NAK Command.

I usually don’t reply to these. Was listening to him babble on about different controls, strategies, and offering to help out new players with what they’re doing. This guy is one of the nicest people I’ve heard on the server, hands down. Way to go man, would make a hell of a contribution to the staff team. +1

+1 he seems very helpful he was nice to me when we where playing and he help me out with couple thing related to joystick etc and had a blast as a gunner for him is great piolet

I’m a bit late to this party but…

Bandit [Angel 1] applying to be Admin? I legitimately thought that he already was an admin, lol.

I think that basically says it all, takes the game seriously, answers questions for help, good at the game, great on the comms, great player.

Hope you get it man.

Thanks everyone for the positive feedback. It’s been a blast and I hope I get it too but only time will tell.

Regardless, you know you can come and play with us using real life military strategies, ask questions, give tips or just play some casual Arma any time. See you out on the field!

You have been accepted before and i’m confident you will be accepted again :slight_smile:


+1 Have not seen the time commitment you mentioned in your application that you mentioned, after chatting with you i understand why and have changed my opinion.


+1 I would support this application. Good Luck.

I support this application.

Sorry Bandit for the wait, but everyone please welcome Bandit [Angel 1] as one of NAK’s newest admins. Bandit [Angel 1] an email will follow with details.

Congratulations Bandit!!

Congratulations !!

Congrats man can’t wait to start working with you.

  • Capt. Zero

Thanks everybody. Looking forward to working and playing with everyone soon.

Congratulations man

Congrats Jim can’t wait to start working with you

  • Capt. Zero

Congratulations brother!