approved mod bounce

I understand when an author updates a mod it has to be integrated into the server again which takes time (so no rush or anything).

This is just to let the admins know;

The approved mod Steam Workshop::A-TACS Uniforms gets bounced when trying it on the altis-main-server. Maybe just in my setup, but reporting is important.

Thanks for your work!

We had to restrict BettIr because players were getting kicked for script restriction #15 when using it. Unfortunately, some mods depend on BettIr to function, so those mods were also restricted on the server but not on the mod list.

Thanks for the quick answer!

Would it be an idea to expand the list ( Awesome Table ) with “dependencies”, “date of modification” and maybe “comment” if a mod is giving trouble. This way it might save admins (and Command) time answering questions (like mine…).
I don’t know if you have such a list behind the scenes, but you could edit the approved mod-list quicker if a mod (and related mods) is causing trouble.
Because a lot of people like trying out mods they would know as of when a mod is approved (or edited). We can read the unread-posts on the forum about mods, but integrating it in the list would benefit all parties?

Thanks again.