approved mods that were on hold

The following mods were approved some time ago, but we had to put them on hold due to backend stuff and our plans.
Now you can use them on our servers and you will be able to find them on our approved mods list on the website very soon.
Mod NameMod Link45KO Marksmen DLC Textures FM53 CBRN Laser’s Gear Grabber - Virtual Arsenal Mod - TCGM_Girls Ratnik Retexture protective mask 2035 acc 1.06 m4 L119A2 Armed Forces 2035 Gorka Pack (CUP)Steam Workshop::Russian Gorka Pack (CUP) & S Stealth Uniforms [SSU]Steam Workshop::Special Stealth Uniforms [SSU] Vests + Uniforms + Headgear Force Canada (TFC-CAF)Steam Workshop::Task Force Canada (TFC-CAF) One Weapons Uniforms Pack by Abb0tt Uniforms Megapack by Niko


United Nations Texture Project is on the approved mod list but upon joining the server it says it’s unapproved and kicks you. Steam Workshop::United Nations Texture Project

thank you for the information. It will be patched and online for everyone to use within 6h.