Arma 3 aegis not working

I have played with this mod pack containing 25 mods for a while, and it’s including arma 3 aegis of course.

Just some days ago I got this message on my screen: (1080p image (Big))

And now arma 3 aegis isn’t allowed though i checked that it’s still on nak squads allowed mod list. I will say this is a server error and that some admin check on it.

The mod was updated on Dec 16, hence why is not working. We will solve it quickly thank you for reporting, but if you can also tell us which other mods you were using, it might help us see if another mod is also causing problems.

Also, make sure next time to report a mod here:

I also have Arma 3 aegis marines. I will send the rest of the mods in a link soon enough, my server is just not up currently (forgot to pay)

Again, please submit a report in here