Arma 3 - Bench CPU

Everybody know the most important for play to Arma is the CPU !
So, i had some troubles to find comparative bench about Arma 3, I share what I found and I invit you ( yes, YOU guys ) to do the same :slight_smile:

This just makes me feel bad about my processor. :cry: Thanks for the info. The next question is… would any memory over 16gb would improve Arma 3, using the average number of mods (15 or so).

I don’t think you will have a real difference with 16gb (vanilla vs mods)

But Arma love big frequency.

GPU Bench


[attachment=1]MdyHR1e (1) (2) (2).jpg[/attachment]

Ram Frequency

Ram Frequency #2

bandicam 2017-03-06 22-43-47-229-min.jpg

Ram Frequency #3
bandicam 2017-03-19 21-25-17-523-min.jpg

Old CPU Bench

CPU VileAce :wink:
(to cheer him up)