ARMA 3 BUG! - Visual Bug - Pistol Flashlight shown as bipod in inv

Date: 13/01/2024 (or for US 01/13/2024)
In-game name: Sakura-Valley
Server involved (Altis, Tanoa, Zeus, etc): Seen on Altis, might exist on other.
Report description: When a flashlight is equipped on a pistol, the inventory shows it as a bipod on the pistol icon. This was tested with the 4-five, the 4-five green (green = dlc variant), the ACP-C2 .45 ACP, the Zzbr .45 ACP, and the Spectrum Device (only one where it doesn’t have a symbol on the icon in inv). All other basegame / dlc pistols have no option to add a flashlight.
Steps to reproduce: Just put a flashlight on the pistol and check your inv.

Some examples added as PNG

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