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Action keybinds (default)RSelect next target (targets are prioritized according to the currently selected weapon and the target threat)
TSelect target under the cursor / center of view
LCTRL + RToggle radar on/off
Active Radar

  • only sensor that can be switched ON and OFF.
  • only sensor that provides information about a target’s speed, altitude, and distance
  • to be able to lock on target the radar-guided (ARH) missiles require the radar to be switched ON
  • activated radar makes your vehicle detectable by RWR or Passive radars at up to twice the range of your own radar.

RWR and Passive Radar

  • detects anyone who has a radar ON at twice the distance of the tracked radar’s own range.
  • provides a unique indication to targets with active radars
  • most often the RWR can detect radar threat in 360° field-of-view
  • additional passive radar (less common than RWR) allows you to mark the radar threat and use it for targeting your weapons

Infrared sensor

  • can only detect ‘hot’ targets - vehicles that have been heated up by a running engine or fired weapon
  • susceptible to environmental conditions (fog)
  • often with field-of-view limited to the optics field-of-view
  • often coupled with Visual sensor

Visual sensor

  • can detect cold targets
  • susceptible to environmental conditions (fog, light), in most cases useless at night
  • often with field-of-view limited to the optics field-of-view
  • often coupled with IR sensor

Laser and strobe tracker

  • detect a spot lased by a laser designator or an IR grenade (as a homing beacon)
  • usually with a 180° front hemisphere field-of-view

Human sensor

  • able to detect and track human targets
  • doesn’t fully work with data link

Data Link

  • with send position capability - broadcasts own position to everyone on the same side who has a receive capability
    Can be adjusted in-game via vehicleReportOwnPosition, setVehicleReportOwnPosition or in Eden editor vehicle attributes - Electronics & Sensors
  • with send capability - broadcasts all targets acquired by own sensor suite to everyone on the same side who has a receive capability
    Can be adjusted in-game via vehicleReportRemoteTargets, setVehicleReportRemoteTargets or in Eden editor vehicle attributes - Electronics & Sensors
  • with receive capability - receives targets from send-enabled units on the same side; the targets will be displayed on Sensor panel - meaning the vehicle has to have the sensor panel in the first place
    Can be adjusted in-game via vehicleReceiveRemoteTargets, setVehicleReceiveRemoteTargets or in Eden editor vehicle attributes - Electronics & Sensors
  • with targeting (sensor) capability - conditioned by the receive capability; adds an ability to mark targets received via data link and achieve an easier lock-on or engage these targets with lock-after-launch ammo.

Vehicles SensorsNameSensorsFoV hor./vert.Range sky/gnd (m)target ID range (m)NotesxH-9 helicopters, CaesarN/AUH-80, CH-49, CH-67, PO-30, Mi-290, WY-55RWR3601600012000IFV-6a, ZSU-39[/td]Radar360/1009000/60005000up lookingData Link36016000AH-99[/td]RWR3601600012000Laser + Strobe1806000front hemisphereIR + Visual46/343000/2000 + 2000/15002000targeting cameraRadar180/905000/40003000down lookingMi-48[/td]RWR3601600012000Laser + Strobe1806000front hemisphereIR + Visual26/264000/3000 + 3000/20002000targeting cameraRadar120/905000/40003000down lookingA-143[/td]RWR3601600012000Laser + Strobe1806000front hemisphere
IR + Visual26/204000/3000 + 3000/20002000targeting cameraRadar908000/40003000A-164, To-199[/td]RWR + Anti-radiation360 + 9016000 + 800012000Laser + Strobe1806000front hemisphere
IR + Visual50/375000/4000 + 4000/30002000targeting camera
F/A-181[/td]RWR3601600012000Laser + Strobe1806000front hemisphere
IR360/902500/20002000Visual26/204000/30002000targeting camera
Radar4515000/80008000To-201[/td]RWR3601600012000Laser + Strobe1806000front hemisphere
IR360/1205000/30002000Visual26/204000/30002000targeting camera
Radar6013000/90006000A-149[/td]RWR3601600012000Laser + Strobe1806000front hemisphere
IR90/604000/30002000Visual26/204000/30002000targeting camera
Radar4512000/80004000Sentinel[/td]RWR3601600012000Laser + Strobe1806000front hemisphere
IR + Visual51/374000/3000 + 3500/30004000 + 3000targeting camera
Radar608000/60006000down looking
Praetorian 1C[/td]Radar360/10010000/700010000up looking
IR60/404000/35003500Data Link36016000Mk21[/td]Radar1514000/1100011000Visual60/404000/35004000Data Link36016000Mk49[/td]IR60/404000/35003500Data Link36016000
Precision guided munitionsNameSeekerCone (degrees)Min-Max range (m)Target speed (km/h)Notes
Titan ATIR4°50-4000126+ manual guidance
Titan APN/Amanual guidance only
DAGRIR + Laser30°100-5000126+ manual guidance
ScalpelIR + Laser30°250-6000198+ manual guidance
KH25 / SharurIR20°300-6000144
JianIR + Laser30°350-8000126+ manual guidance
GBU-12Laser180°250-8000108doesn’t require full lock
LOM-250Laser180°250-8000108doesn’t require full lock
Titan AAIR4°100-3500900
Titan AA LongIR30°100-45001800
ZephyrRadar (ARH)40°500-100003006
AMRAAMRadar (ARH)70°800-12000Falchion-22IR30°150-45001602
RIM-162Radar (ARH)120°1000-120003240
BIM-120CRadar (ARH)50°1000-120002880
BIM-120DRadar (ARH)100°1000-130002880
R77Radar (ARH)65°1000-100002880

I was wondering if you could elaborate on the ‘fox’ type for the AA munitions, just so people can callout the right type in order to avoid friendly fire

I think you are missing the Rhino MGS which is datalink enabled and can get the location of laser designation points and positions of allied vehicles with datalink from any friendly force within a range of 16 Km and armed with 4 MARUK ATGMs with range up to 8 km (that’s why you need to enable a drone to assign targets).


Arma 3 || Tanks DLC || Rhin[/align][/align]o MGS ATGM capabilities