Arma controls layout in PDF

I’m sure many seasoned players are aware of this, for me it was a new discovery and it looks very practical for new players. For me, it was easier to review keybindings for actions I dont regularly do in ARMA and that are good to know for playing on our servers. In your ARMA 3 directory there is a keyboard layout PDF with a summary of all default ARMA 3 keyboard binds.

Right click on ARMA 3 in your STEAM library.
Choose Properties (last option)
New window will open.
Left click on Local files tab.
Click on “Browse local files” option.
This opens ARMA 3 root directory.
Scroll down and find arma3_keyboard_layout.pdf
It is a file provided by Bohemia together with manual.

Bering that ARMA 3’s keybinding can be overwhelming sometimes, it can be a good reference for new players to get accustomed faster to the plerola of actions ARMA 3 offers.
I am attaching it here for easy reference.

EDIT: Two keybinding customization that are really handy that were very useful to me :
Grenade throw: Double tap G (to stop accidental grenade throw while changing grenade type with Shift + G)
Zeus ping: Double tap Z (To prevent accidental Zeus ping on server)
arma3_keyboard_layout.pdf (5.41 MB)

I’m still waiting for a config or mod that makes it so i can drive with a controller. I got an xbox style controller, last time i tried when i looked it up basically what i got from the internet was “arma is not meant to be played with a controller” like, i get that i just wanna drive/fly using one lol

Arma works no problem to drive and fly with a controller. I can walk you through the setup sometime if you wish.

omg for sure, have to hit you up during the week though. weekends have been insane for me lately lol. #lifeisgooooood lol last time i checked a few years ago the controls worked but the axis had no gradient, it was just full 100% whichever direction you moved the stick (xbox style controller not flight stick, flight sticks always worked) same with the finger triggers. either full gas or no gas, couldn’t get that “gradient” where you could apply only like 50% power in a land vehicle. The reasoning on every post was simple “arma wasn’t meant to be used with a controller” lol I even tried those utility apps like x360ce and such…

I am sure it will work for you. Many players use a 360 controller, and I tried one for a while specifically for the analog sticks (they move the camera more smoothly when making the YouTube videos) and I had it set up for driving, flying and video/zeus control.