Artillery Ranging App

I threw together an app for calculating range/bearing/elevation/eta for Artillery (mortar & vehicles). Either put in your position (4 digits, so take the 3 from the map and rough the 4th - So if you’re 3/4 the way across grid 025, then 0257) and it will calc range & altitude difference, or enter range and altitude difference directly (using map tools for example).
Pick the arty type and charge/range and it should give hi/lo elevation and timings.

Any feedback appreciated.

Its a responsive web app so should work on destop, tablet and mobile.

I’ll give a fair test tomorrow, and will come back with some feedback for you, but so far it looks very impressive and useful, well done!

After some testing, it seems its a little off when there is an altitude difference. Initial version was based on
v² + √(v⁴ - (g²x²) - (2yv²))
but after some reading, that could be wrong, retesting now based on
v² + √(v⁴ - g(gx² + 2yv²))

Nope that was rubbish too! Back to the drawing board and I cracked it!!

(ACos(((gx²/v²) - h) / √(x² + h²)) + ATan(x/h))/2