Bad conduct.

Offender’s Name: VileAce

Description of the offense: During an attack on a town in the new game mode warlords i accident killed a player, my crew and i where the highest kills on the team at this point in the mission and friendly units where not noticed in with a large number of enemy units. I apologized to the person killed, VileAce then jumped in to say there was no excuses for team killing, i apologized again and explained that targets got mixed up in a chaotic environment. I was told not to engage targets if i cannot verify them. I then apologized again and said i would move in closer to prevent mix ups. I was then kicked from the server. I rejoined after the round ended and went to the other team and played until the server crashed, i then joined again. approximately five minutes into the match, without any warning or communication i was pertinently banned for rule 3, it should be noted that i had not talked or done anything but start the run to the nearest objective at this point. Seeing this i joined teamspeak where i was pulled into a room alone with VileAce and was told i was permanently banned from the servers for arguing, then banned from teamspeak. I do not understand how i argued when i agreed with everything and took actions to prevent any more accidental teamkills. Further more the permanent ban took place some time after the original indecent, without any communication occurring. i do not see any rules here that would suggest that players cannot rejoin a server after a kick after a round has ended, and it appears that was the cause of the permanent ban.

Server misconduct occurred on: [NAK]NAKSQUAD.NET Warlords, Teamspeak.

Approximate time and date the offence occured: December 3rd 2018 - December 4th 2018 near midnight eastern time.

Were there admins online? If yes which ones? Unknown as a person who joined the server for the first time today i don’t know everyone.

I have placed this here rather then under ban appeals as this is not an appeal to the ban, i am raising a concern as to how administrators handle events. Well i feel that kicking someone for a single teamkill in arma is rather harsh, especially with the prevalence of bugs that remove friendly indicators from some players it is at least understandable. permanently banning a player from both the server and teamspeak, 2 rounds after the event took place one of these rounds a full game without any other teamkills, or in fact any communication happening over such a thing is rather abusive.

At the time the new Warlords server was getting out of hand with numerous TK’s and general violations of the server rules. We, myself and admin had made announcements that additional TK’s would be met with an immediate kick or ban. It was not the TK, but myself and the individual involved did not feel that the “apology” was sincere in any way. When I confronted you about the situation you did not say “i would move in closer to prevent mix ups.” you said I will not help that way any more, I will start helping the other team.

The ban did not take place immediately due to a technical issue with the server that we were working on simultaneously. The reason for the permanent ban was during the time, after the TK and the discussion, you continued to break server rules including shooting at base and inappropriate comments over chat.

The reason for the TeamSpeak ban was, although you did come in and discuss the issue in a mature fashion, you continued to enter the help room over and over after I had told you to enter a ban appeal. Continuing to try and make a point about the server rules and not listening about the other rules you are choosing to ignore i.e. “The level of punishment is at the discretion of the Admin, and will be based on the severity of the action; If you break multiple rules your punishment may run consecutively and; Continued violation of any rules may be met with a permanent ban.” was getting us nowhere. I rarely reverse a ban without a ban appeal being entered. Server rules also indicate “Punishment enforced on the Arma servers may carry over to all NAK servers, including TeamSpeak”. I believe that the ban was only for the Warlords game server, though I may review that after our TS discussion.