Ban Appeal (DisgruntledPOG)

  1. DisgruntledPOG (Not sure which one was in use when banned.)
  2. Steam Community :: DisgruntledPOG

  1. TSU
  2. December 2019-January 2020
  3. NAK#4 Zeus
  4. In all honesty I don’t remember why I was banned, I don’t think I did anything too crazy, and there is no in depth explanation listed when I try to join the teamspeak. I’m also banned from using the Zeus role in the server, but not from the server itself. Personally I’m rather confused about the situation because it was so long ago, and this is my first time since enlisting that I’ve tried to get back onto the server.

You are banned from the Zeus server. As far as TeamSpeak goes, what information do you receive when you attempt to join?

It simply says that my in game name did not match my nickname in team speak, and for me to update it. But then it’s followed up as permenant.

I am not showing a ban in place on TeamSpeak for you under your IP address or names.

Please review the following information: