BAN REDUCED (Time served) - mistake of Turonk

Hello my name is Turonk. A mexican guy who has played multiple times on NAK server since 2014. Back in the day you guys had an admin under the ingame name of admin, great friend & great pilot i rememeber him. This is the first server i joined on multiplayer when i started to play arma3. And can’t congratulate enough you guys of your work across the years for the server and for the community. Ive seen this server grow so much.

  1. Ingame: Turonk (Ralph) - ts3 the same.

  2. STEAMID 64: 76561197986565653

  3. SCREENSHOT OF THE BAN MESSAGE OR THE TEXT OF THE MESSAGE DISPLAYED UPON ENTERING THE SERVER: “you were kicked of the game. ban rule 13th - 3d-moon- the date and verbal abuse.”

  4. Admin: Moon

  5. APPROXIMATE DATE AND TIME OF THE BAN: Yesterday, June the 1st, around 7pm cst.

  6. NAK invade and annex #1 (i believe)

  7. I was explaining to my friend “Raul” how to play the game , the controllers, the server logic, how to do missions etc. And i was in the point of showing him the arma3 chat (multiple channels) system. And i typed in a test message in the chat, and i didnt saw i was on side channel (which was ment to be in direct channel) I inputed a very short test message, for my friend to see how the chat system work , in spanish saying that “the admin eats it”. Im very sorry for this misunderstanding, but it was a test message, not a message with the objective to insult any admin or anybody. My fault, sorry again. I would be pleased for this reconsideration, and i humbly ask for it.


I’ve reviewed your situation and based the information you provided via TeamSpeak (Which I appreciate you took the time to hop in and apologize) and the chat logs, I’ve decided to reduce your ban to 1d which at this moment has been served. Your ban will be lifted, just make sure situations like this don’t repeat in the future.

Thank you