Ban Removed - Memerick - Perm Banned about a year ago

  1. Memerick (I think, the ban happened like a year ago, have since changed PCs)
  2. Steam Community :: Error

4. It’s been to long to remember the banning admin/server. (I think the map was Malden?)
5. (This happened Summer 2018) I was in a disagreement with another player and HALO jumped on him to TK him, which was wrong. I just don’t think it warrants a permanent ban. I know that a significant portion of my playtime was on NAK servers, and so I miss the community. Sorry if it’s a pain to dig this one up, haha


Your steamID is 76561198036458041. Your ban went into effect on 09-19-17. The admin who initiated that was Fox. He will need to respond to your request.

I am hesitant to support removing a ban when someone is more concerned with the punishment, then the actions that initiated the punishment. " I just don’t think it warrants a permanent ban. " It also concerns me that you admitted to having a disagreement with a player and your solution was to TK. Lastly, you also acknowledge that you knew what you were doing was wrong, but did it anyway.

If we were to unban you, how would handle the same situation today?

Oh, guess it was a bit longer ago then I thought. Sorry.

In the same situation I’d probably swap to a different server. You don’t have anything about verbal disagreements in the rules (unless it has naughty language involved) so I’d like to prevent either of us from deciding to escalate it to the point I did in the past. I haven’t kept up to date with you guys but I think you still have more than one server on different maps, and so honestly just distancing myself and giving both of us space to cool down is a much better thing to do. I’d rather avoid needing to take up the admin’s time unless it was necessary.

Thanks for taking the time to respond.

I am going to remove the ban. Your answer for, how you would handle the same situation today is acceptable, and shows a level of maturity. We would actually prefer that if you are having an issues with another player that you report the problems to admins. If it is not an isolated incident we will have a record of previous problems.
To report a player send a message in game similar to “Admin PLAYERNAME - RULE PLAYER IS BREAKING”.