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  5. I’m used to the old system, where any mod that doesn’t get you kicked is allowed. I admit to my mistake and reread the rules concerning modifications. I promptly edited my mod list to only the listed, allowed modifications to prevent any problems in the future.
    The current feature is fairer, because everyone has access to the same mods. I’m sorry that i caused this inconvenience and i hope, that you can forgive my slip up

Richard Weiss

I will remove the ban, we do give everyone with a mod restriction ban a second chance. Many players continue to use restricted mods so we need to get their attention and make them aware of the approved mods list, unfortunately, a ban sometimes is the only way to make sure the information is read. A link to the approved mod list is on the rules page when you join the server. If you feel that there is a mod that should be added to the approved list you can complete a mod request form - We are more than happy to review mods and add them to the approved list if they do not violate the mod standards.

The mod that you were using, Snake Rocket Mortar, has been tested and rejected.