Banned/Kicked because not insult any players ?

Sorry, I’m new in the server. Server is enjoying so far.
I’m wonder I don’t know why, I’m just got kicked out (Banned ?) because there is a enemy AI Pilot try to shoot our pilot jet. Our pilot jet is very good, he counter the shoot and shoot back AI Jet. I’m write down something like in movie, I’m not insult any players, It was “Yeah get some mfker” to the AI enemy jet. Then I got kicked (banned ?) out of server because the server said “I’m insult players”
I remember I didn’t insult anyone or anything… :astonished:

Good evening,

I have reviewed your notes and it shows you were automatically kicked by our server for objectionable language, you weren’t banned.

The kick is inputted to give you time to reflect on your behaviour and in some instances , cooldown.

Please read through our server rules found on this website to give you a better understanding of what is expected of our players while on nak servers.

Thank you.

Thanks. So can’t even said “Mker” in game even it not about abuse hate to any players. One more thing, pls, tell all of your Elite Naksquads is this is Arma 3, this game is not a real politics in real life. If they play the main story line, they will understand how NATO side kill themselves. Because yesterday, one of Elite Naksquads misunderstand me about Talk Politics In Game. However, I’m never not talk about any Politics Real Life in games, I joke about Story in game ( like how NATO got themselves beat up and cut down budgets) those things really happen inside the main story game. Thanks

The fact that you put “mker” suggests to me that you were aware that swearing on the website was wrong and you tried to circumvent our server triggers.

Objectionable language is banned on our servers, whether directed at another player or otherwise so please take the kick as a learning experience and adhere to our rules moving forward.

On your second point, while typing in game, it can be hard to get context of a discussion and people can misconstrue players intentions, so it would be better to either refrain from such topics or to better clarify your meaning.

Thank you for taking the time to get in touch with us through this forum.I now consider the matter to be closed.