Battleye Script Restriction #54


I was playing on Sunday without an issue, I logged out approximately 40 minutes before the kick (not sure the time) and downloaded a Mod which is listed as approved on the Mod List

Server: Altis
in-game name: hoho
Date and Time: Sunday 9th, February 2020 approximately 19:50 CET +1
Mod: DUI - Squad Radar

I logged in, the server rules message is displayed on the screen, i click “agree”, message database loading is displayed, greetings message is displayed, Press “U” to select the group I want to join, joined the group and ran towards the arsenal and suddenly the battleye message: You were kicked…Battleye script restriction #54

Then I unloaded the Mod, logged back in, joined my group back again and no battleye message at all

I do not know what triggered the kick but this is what i did different during my gaming session on this day

If you guys need more info, please let me know

Best regards,

Everyone got kicked with that script restriction at that time, it was not just you. You may log in again using that mod. Be aware you do not want to rum ShackTac and DUI - Squad Radar at the same time. ShackTac seems to be the more popular of the two.