Best way to make screenshots

A couple players have asked about the best way to make screenshots.The simple answer is to use the Editor and Zeus mode on your local computer to create the “subject matter”. There are also a bunch of mods that will help build/place that “subject matter”. I have created a collection of the mods that I use when I want to take high quality screenshots. The collection is called NAK Squad Screenshot Collection. Please make sure to read the description of each mod, and any readme’s or help files that might be available.

One of the mods included in the collection is Achilles, with is one of the most popular mods used when Zeus’ing. One of the features of that mod, while in Zeus mode, is to disable simulation of an object (Modules>Objects>Enable Simulation), which will make the object not react to anything even the physics of Arma. This will allow you to position Vehicles including (planes and helicopters) exactly where you want them (floating in the air). Another feature of Achilles is to modify ambient animation, which will allow you to set the AI’s animation from standing to one of many other options, including navigate aircraft, wounded, at ease and many more. Some of the other mods require you to place the unit in the editor and modify the units Init line. Instructions for doing so are in the mods themselves.

Another of the mods in the collection is actually a simple mission that has a single player with Zeus mode added to it. Play the scenario pick the Zeus role and launch the game. When the game starts, a task is created telling you to press “Y” to enter Zeus mode. From there you are in control and can add anything you want to the map. Screenshot Mission

Some of the mods are best used in editor mode while others are better used in Zeus mode. Please remember these mods are not for use on NAK servers, these are for local use only.

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