Blastcore Murr Edition - To be restricted?

Twice I used it as the only visual mod, twice it crashed my game upon destroying an enemy vehicle with a missile from my plane
Additionally it is most likely responsible for severe frame drops when large amounts of smoke particles are involved

Those are good reasons not to use it, but not to restrict it. I’ve been using it non-stop for a year without issues. But the issues you mention are well-known side effects of the increased … fidelity… and some systems don’t react to it well.

Makes sense
To be fair my reasoning in restricting it for now is only as preventive measure until it is updated/fixed so that people don’t end up crashing their game

I have been using it on my dying laptop for well over a year with no crashes, Plus its client side not server side mod so it only effects those with it on. No need to restrict it if it is crashing for you I would suggest trying without and or repairing the mod file and game files just for safety might fix your problem might not but doesn’t hurt to try

One consideration is that some servers (zeus events) have made it mandatory during certain events and might impact some players gameplay/crashes/frames etc.

I was having issues with Aaren’s Blast effects also. So I unloaded it for about a week and tried again. Battleye immediately kicks me as soon as I try to enter the server for restriction 15, so it now sits in my mod graveyard. I just looked it up on the list and it appears to be an “old” mod, so maybe that’s the issue.

Aaren’s Blast effects is a restricted mod due to the anthor changing it to script based, but he has uploaded an old version of the mod on his workshop for use on NAK servers , check the authors workshop page.

Roger that, thank you sir! I’ll have to go check that out.