BUG: Joining screen

There is a bug preventing me from playing in the Altas server. I don’t get the bullet into the screen, I just pop in with a cloudy screen that doesn’t go away so I can’t see or hear anything. I can see my compass mod at the top of my screen and I get the ‘don’t shoot at base’ message if I hit fire. I am also able to pull up the map and the player menu, respawn, etc.

Not sure what the issue is, but the cloudy screen is always there – I think it may be the very beginning of the bullet intro. I’ve tried reloging, but it keeps happening.

UPDATE: I completely closed out of the game itself and went back in. This seems to have fixed the problem.

Please take a screenshot, if you encounter that issue again

It’s an audio glitch caused by the video. It means your audio is disconected from ArmA. Go to your options and “Audio” and click “Refresh”

Not so sure about audio, there seems to be an occasional bug after mission was updated where the screen stays black and all you can do to fix it is close the game and restart it
I know about it because it happened to me a couple of times now

Again could still be that audio bug but i never had that one happen to me before and the one im talking about only happened after mission updates and audio was irrelevant to it