C-17A3 - Denied

Date 06/17/2019
Name Limitless

Link to mod. Prefer Steam Link, but any link is acceptable.
Steam Workshop::C-17A3 +%26amp%3B+MUKCEP+C-17

Reason to add or remove mod.
This mod adds to the game a C17a3 which is more of a cargo/troop carrying mod I would love to see this be a thing so we can transport troops from alpha main to any side of the map using paradrop or even tactical landing scenarios. This will also allow more of a realistic side to dropping off supplies whether it is heavy vehicles or ammo. This mod seems to add a more realistic flight to the game. thanks for your time


the picture inseted is the same model the plane is based on in real life
Denied - This type of mod is a server side mod, we only allow client side mods. The difference being server side mods are required by everyone on the server including the server, client side mods do not need to be on the server and all players do not have to have the same mod installed.